Favourite Christmas Films – Nelson

I asked Nelson what their favourite Christmas film is, here is what I found:

Love Actually

“Absolute Classic. Love at Christmas is my favourite thing.”

“Colin Firth”

“Romantic fairy tale.”

“Love Keira Knightley… I think she’s a good actress.”

“Hugh Grant”

“Also Hugh Grant”

“Everyone forgets Martin Freeman is in it, but I don’t ;)”

“Perfect in every way, a perfect film, nothing wrong with it.”

“Watch it”

“I look quite pretty”


“Spaghetti and maple syrup”

“The real elves freak me out”

Grinch (the original)

“He’s a mood!”

“Good family film”

“I hate everyone too :)”

Grinch (cartoon)

“Hilarious – cuter than the original”

“I like both equally”

The Holiday


“A good film.”

“I love the Holiday. It’s the best vibes ever!”

Home alone

“Cult film”

“I like the slapstick comedy. And its not a lovey-dovey film”

“The second ones the best!”

“I wanted the wet bandits to win!”

“This is why I don’t want children”

“I didn’t know they’re made a fourth one!”

Christmas with the Kranks

“Only Callum likes this one”

The snowman

“Childhood favourite, its almost vintage beauty” – whatever that means…

“I’m walking in the air…”

Arthur Christmas

“humbling and heart-warming.”

“Its funny”

“I do like the slippers”

Shrek the halls

“Banging series”

“Its got Shrek and Christmas in it, what more could you want?”

Jack Frost

“Awesome! Modern twist, bit of everything, reality action and heart-warming family fun”

“I always cry”

Polar express

“loads of people like this but every character is tom hanks… even the little girl”

“Heart-warming, comforting”

“love it, my family watches it every year!”

Die hard

“Makes me feel awesome, like I could take down criminal organisations. Like I’m bald and sexy”

“yippee ki yay…”


“A masterpiece. Anyone who says anything else should be executed!”


“Just wow!”

“It makes me bitter I was a pig in my school nativity, I always wanted to be a star…”

“All three were great”

“Doctor Who, a snow pig, flash mobs… awesome!”

Santa Clause

“Represents my childhood”

Bad Santa

“Not watched it.”


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