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Mental Health Awareness – an insight from Mrs Rogers

As it is mental health awareness week and I seem to have spent my life witnessing

Bernard de Neumann Obituary

Educated at the Royal Hospital School and the University of Birmingham, Bernard de Neumann was principally

Everybody burns (sometimes) – Holly Folkard-Smith

With the exotic temperatures that have blessed the UK these past couple of days, the excitement

No one deserves to be bullied – Ayoola Oshiyemi

What is bullying? Bullying is the foul, aggressive behaviour that is used to intimidate someone, typically

#SunshineForSumner – Ellie Hewes

  As some of you probably know, I play squash around the country. However, I was

The only thing I love more than MRR (Eurovis’!) – Mrs Routledge

This is my favourite time of year. But why? Do I enjoy seeing teenagers stressing about

Chinese Politics Today: Xi Jinping’s Rise and Rule – Lucy Wong

Xi Jinping’s dad was the Vice-Premier so Xi was a ‘princeling’- a term referring to those

RHS Mini Marathon 2018: Official Report – Adam Warren

Sunday 30 April saw one of the busiest weekends of the ‘Summer’ term, with Divisions, Chapel

NEW: Agony Aunt Column – with ‘Auntie Dom’

“Dear Auntie Dom, I have recently been experiencing a rather irritating problem. I constantly feel like