The Reality of being a Black Woman. – Gen A-B & Rachael I

Through the ages, Black women have had to deal with so much. Although it may seem

“Do or do not there is no try” – Yeknaz T

This is my prefect speech from Monday where I delved into the topic of being challenged

The RHS Squid Games – Jaz S

Last week, each boarding house received an ominous looking business card. The housemasters  and housemistresses were

Holiday hopeful? Essential Covid Avoidance Guide – Will S

As you may have heard, the school has unfortunately recently had some Covid cases. At the

Boris: Scum? I Don’t Think So – Noah A

Recently, the Labour Party’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, publicly attacked the prime minister labelling him as

The influence of women in myths on the presentation of women in modern media – Rosy F

This week on Wednesday, I spoke about my chosen topic of Classics in the Studd Society

RHS Atrocities – Toby C

Atrocities are committed every day at RHS. It is outrageous! I think it’s about time that

Is Squid Game worth the hype? – Shannon S

Is it worth the hype?This international sensation has planted itself number one in more than 90

Bugs For Breakfast? – George Durrant

With the definite threat of climate change, it is now our responsibility to prevent it as

Elon Musk’s Market Manipulation – Cam Paul

I’m sure you’ve heard of cryptocurrency and I’m certain you’ve heard of Elon Musk (the Tesla