Cats of RHS – Young vs Old

This week, we introduce you to a pair of RHS cats. One is 17 years old, the other just 5 months: both are inscrutable, incorrigible lunatics, as is the case with most felines.

Who’s your favourite furball: Mable Martineau or Timo Hodson?

Mable Martineau

This is Mable. An old lady of 17, she roams around the garden at number 44 and screams constantly for food. She has a powerful evil stare that she employs whenever confronted by any human being who might have access to her food cupboard…  She is only quiet when asleep….

Timo Hodson

Meet Timo. He’s a big fan of the jelly in cat food but always leaves the chunks: try telling him about food waste. If you’ve got curtains, blinds, sofas, armchairs or anything else worth destroying (including an arm dangling by your side), he’ll destroy it.

As William Blake once said, ‘Fearful symmetry’: our ‘Tyger’ is beautiful and dangerous, though not a symbol of the damage of 18th century industrialisation.

Loves Mrs Hodson-Langer, less sure about the male family members. Fairly normal in that sense.

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