Nelsons Fav Cafe Drinks – Izzy Scragg

The new Heritage Café opened last Wednesday, and Year 13 were the first to experience the highly anticipated café. I asked around Nelson to see which drinks seem to be the favourites. 

For me, my personal favourite drink would be the Chai Latte. The café’s Chai Latte has the perfect milk to Chai ratio not too much Chai and not to milky. I would recommend as it is an autumnal drink with a lovely hint of cinnamon.

Jaz W –  ‘It’s gotta be the Milkshakes no preference of flavour as they are all fab, but a milkshake beats everything! Maybe it’s just my inner child coming out’.

Seb K – ‘Americano as I’m an athlete and need the energy and I enjoy the coffee’.

Katie S – ‘Chai Latte as it tastes like Christmas and Prefects get a free drink on duty’.

Eli A – ‘White Hot Choc, I don’t like Milkshakes as they have a weird texture, and I don’t like coffee either’.

Wilf T – ‘Hot Choc because its hot and its Chocolate’.

Sapphie B-G – ‘Hot Chocolate as it’s cosy’.

Dom T – ‘I’ve never had anything from the café because I can’t be bothered to walk there’.

Ben B – ‘Latte, good standard coffee’.

Roman R – ‘Americano I like to feel like I’m Harvey Spectre’.

Millie S – ‘White Hot choc it reminds me of marshmallows’.

Teni O – ‘Chai Latte sooooo good! I wanted to fall asleep after I had it but I had a lesson’ :/

Lula I – ‘ Latte the Chai Latte is pretty good but the Latte is top tier’.

Max A – ‘Flat White. Lots of caffeine, bigger than expresso, and lasts exactly from the café to Nelson. Perfect’

So there we have it, it seems the most popular drinks are the Hot Chocolates and the Chai Lattes. I have also been told that the Panini’s are also a big hit, so big that they are running out. If you haven’t been to the Cafe yet you are missing out!

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