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We all know RHS’s version of paella but there is a lot more to Spanish food than this. Ignacio takes us through his top 10 Spanish dishes.

In 10th  place we have “broken eggs”. It is a traditional dish that is typical in Madrid and contains chips, eggs and normally “chorizo”, but is optional.

huevos rotos

Number 9 is a real classic and arguably one of the most well-known dishes of Spain: Spanish Tortilla. This Spanish omelette is originally from Badajoz, Extremadura, where it was first cooked.

Traditional Tortilla de Patatas Recipe - Spanish Omelette Recipe

In 8th place we have a very typical Spanish dessert. The Spanish arroz con leche is one of the most loved desserts by Spanish people. Cinnamon or vanilla is usually sprinkled on top.

Arroz con Leche Recipe (Spanish Rice Pudding) - Spanish Sabores

Number 7 is a healthy one: Spanish salad. This salad contains tomato, lettuce, onion, tuna and corn and is usually served as a starter. You can add whatever ingredients you like, such as olives, carrot…

Como preparar Ensalada española con atún

In 6th place we have churros. These are typical throughout Spain and the first churros were cooked in Zaragoza. These usually come with chocolate and sugar. If a normal size of churros is not enough, you can try the bigger types of churros which are called “porras”.

Churros with sugar cinnamon and chocolate sauce dip on dark background  Stock Photo - Alamy

Number 5 for me is lamb. It is one of the most important dishes in the gastronomy of Castilla y León and in Asturias and is usually served with chips.

Guiso tradicional de cordero con patatas | Gastronomía & Cía

In 4th place we have “patatas bravas”. This is a delicious appetizer which is very typical in all of Spain, but especially in Madrid. They are served very hot and come with many different sauces like aioli, mayonnaise or tomato. And you can also add meat , like chorizo.

Patatas bravas recipe | BBC Good Food

In third position we have “Iberian ham” This is one of the most loved and typical food in Spain. This ham is produced from Black Iberian pigs which can only be found in the Iberian Peninsula. This ham usually goes with food like broken eggs or is combined with other dishes.

How to Buy Jamón Ibérico: What to Look for and Where to Get It

Almost a winner, in second place, we have a very typical dish which is famous across Spain but especially in Valencia. Paella can be served with many things. Usually you can order chicken paella, which contains chicken, green, red pepper and green peas or seafood paella, which contains seafood like prawns or crayfishes, mussels, clams, green peas and green and red peppers.

Receta de paella con pollo - Unareceta.com

The best dish of Spain in my opinion are croquettes . This is one of the most typical and delicious food in Spain. Croquettes in Spain are fried “bechamel” sauce fritters. There are many different types of croquettes, such as of ham, cheese, chicken, cod. In my opinion ham croquettes are the best!

Croquetas de jamón con bechamel rápida - Cookidoo® – the official  Thermomix® recipe platform

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