RHS fashion staples – Izzy S

With the abolition of mixed rig in and the sun coming out more people are wearing civvies in general. So what are the clothing trends here at RHS? Here are a few of the basics.

Tom trunks/Hobokos

These types of trousers have become increasingly more popular this term, everywhere I look in the DH a new pair of these seem to spawn. They are a very popular option for both day pupils and boarders and can often be spotted around school at meal times (particulary Sunday brunch) aswell as outside of school where they make appearences at festivals or even just at home. They are available in numerous colours, however the most popular colour combinations seem to be white with a blue stipe going down the side or vice versa. As the warmer weather has arrived they are not hard to spot. As an owner of a pair of such trousers I can say that they are very comfy and are easy to pair with a variety of outfits. Bonus points if paired with a crusty pair of Air force 1’s.

Tom Trunks paired with a Polo Ralph T-Shirt (Very private school)


Canterbury’s are a timeless RHS fashion staple which I’m pretty sure every RHS student owns, especially those who are the more sporty amongst us. They are perfect for chucking on after sports to go to mess and if you get away with it you could also possibly pair them with Games kit.  They are very versitile as they have a warm inner lining which is a nessesity when faced with the extreme weather conditions RHS throws at us in the colder months.

Canterburys paired with a very colourful pair of Airforce’s
Canterbury shorts paired with a prisitine pair of white Airforce

Air force 

Can you get anymore basic with a pair of Air Force. They have been the shoe of choice for several years now, the more dirtier and creased they are, the better. These shoes seem to be immortal and have survived with even the most careless of shoes owners. They are the perfect shoe that caters for all seasons and all conditions. Additionally, they can be worn with anything which is why its no wonder that this is the shoe that serves us all.

A very crusty pair of Airforces that have been through a lot

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