11 Alternative Tips for Studying- Molly Freeman

Most teachers will probably often remind you of the boring, mainstream methods of studying like mind maps and colour coding. However, I have thought of 11 steps you may have not of heard before and that will hopefully aid you in your work.

1. Read before class. Not too in depth, just skimming over the topic so you have a general understanding you can build upon in class. It may not make perfect sense when you read it through but once your teacher covers it you may be able to recall some information.

2. From your first reading, make little questions you can ask during class if the subject comes up. Not only will this mean you are concentrating, to listen for when the answers to those questions come up but also this will help you to understand the topic.

3. Record the lesson. Teachers may not want you do this so ask if you would be allowed to. This takes pressure of making notes, especially when teachers can move through topics so quickly. It also means you can go back over it whenever you need to.

4. After class, review. If you review within 24 hours, you are more likely to retain the information for longer. It doesn’t have to be hard studying but rereading something your teacher spoke about can help.

5. Don’t overwork yourself. If when you are doing a prep or reading over something and are not really getting it or you are too tired, then stop. There is no point doing work if it is not going to be a good piece of work or if you will not remember anything you’ve read. Go back over it when you’re ready to work efficiently. This is not an excuse to not do any work.

Female student studying

6. Do a little bit everyday. The more you’re viewing material, the more it is going to stick and you won’t have to cram or stress when a test or exam comes up. Even writing definitions for a little list of terminology would help.

7. Quiz yourself. You can easily come up with questions to test yourself, or get your friends to write some and don’t always write the ones you know the answers to. Start thinking of how questions will be asked in an exam.

8. Relate the information to things you already know. Things makes sense when you can see how it can be applied or if you can break it down into smaller pieces. Try doing this by giving examples to things you learn.

9. Try to teach someone else. If you can teach someone a topic, you clearly know what you are talking about and know the subject well. Again you’re being exposed to the material and reviewing it and you’re putting it into your own words so it should be a lot easier to remember.

10. Use alternative ways to learn. You have  probably  heard this before but think how many song lyrics you can remember compared to the lessons you had today. For one class you may think mind maps are really helpful but you could make little songs or raps. You can make up memonics or anyother way that makes something into  your own is going to help you remember and condense it.

11. Lastly don’t forget to give time to yourself. This school encourages good academics and all the extracurricular activities but it is important to just chill by yourself and have some you time. Do this in any way you like; read, draw, game, dance, do yoga or whatever.

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