Alex Olkhovskiy’s summer ensembles – images by Oli Moore

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1st Look (Supreme x Playboy pedant, Bianca Chandon T shirt, Levi’s 501, Converse 70s customised) For spring-summer, the essential fits are important. There needs to be an equilibrium between rare or valuable clothing and regular clothes, but what also needs to be mentioned is that the regular pieces in an outfit need to fit accurately to make them look subtle. The jeans do a great job in this case having a balance between the slim and wide fit which is perfect for warm weather. Accompanied with chucks 70s, an iconic look with a retro improvement, have the equilibrium between low and upper class footwear which are suitable for most outfits (custom painted to give them a more conceptual approach).
2nd Look (Supreme Windowpane Trench, Supreme French Terry Zip Cardigan, Dickies 872, Vans Old Skool Og LX) Being an individual who is not so much into colours, I prefer to combine clothing with detailing: from patterns and prints to fabric and craftsmanship. Here, a black and white palette presented. Mixing the styles of time periods of early 80s through to modern time. The Vans LX create a sophisticated look with clean rolled up cuffs. While the relaxed cardigan adds a modish atmosphere.
3rd Look ( Levis Denim Jacket, Customised Oversize “Busy” T shirt, M.S.M.G. Denim, Vans Slip-on Og LX) This could be a one off fit for a special occasion. Regular pieces are used to create a perfect fitting outfit. Summer is the time when you can ease the solemnity of the way you dress. In this instance, experimenting with the oversized looks or fabrics could be suitable. Remember not to go over the top and include some low-key pieces to stabilise the look. Relaxed loafer alike vans are always a staple, with some individual input on the customised t shirt adding aura to the fit.
Kirill Constantinov models some classic combinations for the warmer weather. Of the summer term.
Choreographer and model, Kirill and Alex.


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