New York Fashion(?) Week – Molly N

As some of you may know, in September it was New York Fashion Week where brands put on runways to display their newest and (some questionable) fashion. So I thought, with all my fashionable expertise, I would rate some looks…

Pretty Little Thing –

Love this! It looks classy with the black and white, and the shades really pull the outfit together. I might have to purchase this coat for when it reaches -10 degrees at school.  My friend says, ‘It’s giving a stylish marshmallow that has a black belt in karate!’ 8/10

Selkie –

This look is gorgeous; the material is so elegant. The ruffles, sleeves, headpiece and bow looks like she’s off to a fancy picnic in her estate to gossip with her rich friends (can’t help but notice she’s got the ‘dogs’ out though). This brand probably had one of the most diverse model ranges, with all ethnicities and sizes, and gave them all great looks- extra points! 9/10

Unknown –

As always, there were some runway crashers. This person even coordinated the colour of his shower cap and shorts, or are they swimming trunks? The bin liner is just great, and the looks from the people behind of utter confusion top it off. I am slightly upset he’s got better fashion than me! Soon after this photo was taken he got tackled by security, but extra points for dedication. 10/10

Selkie (again!) –

I have no words for this masterpiece. Just everything about this look is incredible- the colours, bow, style, necklace, design etc. 1000000/10


A slightly strange look. It looks like me in my CCF jacket! I think the colours compliment each other, and it is definitely a statement, although I am still left wondering, why? 6/10

Creators Inc. –

An influencer named Paige Neimann has sparked controversy when she walked for Creators Inc. as Ariana Grande’s lookalike. Aside from her horrific walk (or more so run), I think the corset is about the only salvageable feature of this look. There has been some uproar about influences replacing models, and this makes me completely agree. -1000/10

And to finish it off, some fashion that is just odd…

Staud –

You already know she has everything you could ever need in that bag! It’s almost as big as the yr7’s backpacks. Although, I am confused with the mix of formal and casual wear, and I think the shoes could have been a bit more interesting to create some more chaos. I love some weird fashion, so 8.5/10

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