Things Dads like: Father’s Day – Eve H

If you click on this article, chances are you forgot it was father’s day and I’ve just reminded you. Don’t know what to get Dad, don’t worry, Dads are weird, mysterious creatures. Every now and then Dad lore is dropped but in general, they are secretive. This makes it very difficult to gift give, so here are some ideas from a girl with a Dad. (These are all genuine things I have given my Dad on Father’s day)

Fish things:

Dads like fish stuff. fishing rods, pictures of them holding fish, a real fish, a sign that talks about fish. Part of the Dad gene is to enjoy fishing so if you tap into that, you’ll get a winner. Obviously, if you know your Dad is an anomaly and hates fishing, don’t do this but most dads are a fan.

Pictures of yourself:

Lets be honest, Dads wouldnt be if not for us. Remind them of this fun fact with a cute picture of you as a baby. Find it, Frame it, gift it, and if they don’t put it up on the wall or in their office, do they really love you? i’m just kidding…

A handmade card

We all made handmade cards in Primary school, and I’m suggesting a throwback to really turn on the water works. Put in the effort by making a cute little card. Effort is always appreciated more than money (apparently) and on the plus, you might get to see your Dad cry! Happy Father’s Day!

That’s all the ideas I have I’m afraid, all of them for me were winners but I was like 10 so. If you don’t have time for all these ideas Moonpig is great and I highly recommend. Appreciate your Dad this weekend guys.

-Eve H

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