LGBTQ+ History Month – Lex A

Why do we need to celebrate LGBTQ+ History? Why is it so important? Well, with an estimated 10% of the UK’s population identify as LGBTQ+, it is important for us to learn about and celebrate the past and reflect on the impact that this will have in our future.

LGBTQ+ citizens have fought for their rights across the world with some places still making it illegal so be in a same sex relationship and some where a relationship is legal, you are not allowed to marry. Thankfully, we are lucky in the UK to have a freedom of who we love and who we marry but it wasn’t always like that. Before 1967, it was illegal for two men to have a relationship ship together even if it was in private or even for a man to be openly attracted to another even if the feeling was unrequited. It is only recently that the government has allowed things such as civil partnerships in December of 2005 and same sex marriages in 2014. This has only very recently given LGBTQ+ couples the right to openly legalise their relationships to an equal level with straight (heterosexual) couples. 

Throughout February, there will be various bubble articles introducing you to influential LGBTQ+ figures of the past and the present written by members of RHS’ LGTBQ+ Forum and there will and have been tutor time activities as well as an LGBTQ+ themed competition which is being run by the art department. Please do get involved in as much as possible that is being offered during this month to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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