Which Greek God/ Goddess are you? – Rosy F

I return with my series of quizzes and this time you have the opportunity to discover which Greek God or Goddess you are! Greek gods ruled religion in Ancient Greece, they were worshipped on a daily and there were gods for nearly everything. In this quiz I will be focusing on the major gods; Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Apollo, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Hermes and Hades. (Hades is not technically one of the 12 Olympians but it would be rude not to include him!) Without further a due, lets start the quiz!

Question 1: Which of these characteristics would your friends describe you as?

1 – wise

2 – street smart

3 – bravery

4 – caring

5 – high achiever

6 – calm

7 – responsible

8 – assertive

9 – honest

Question 2: What do you spend your half term holidays doing ?

1 – reading books

2 – travelling

3 – fighting with your siblings

4 – on a weekend get away in Paris

5 – creating a cure for cancer

6 – exploring the seas

7 – running your own business

8 – trying to take revenge on all your enemies

9 – inside, on your own

Question 3: You face a monster, how are you going to overpower it?

1 – you use your battle strategy to pick out it’s weakness

2 – you out wit the monster

3 – you quickly overpower them in a fight

4 – you sweet talk the monster to become docile

5 – you use your archery skill to take out the monster in one shot

6 – you shape shift into a lion

7 – you pick up the monster and fly it into a cage

8 – you curse the monster

9 – you use your invisibility to confuse it

Question 4: You find out your best-friend has stolen your food, what do you do next?

1 – you weigh up the consequences and the rewards of your friendship before making a calculated decision

2 – you as they have taken something of yours, you steal their iPad

3 – you angrily confront them

4 – you hold a grudge against them for a year

5 – you write a song to vent your feelings about them

6 – you loose your temper and shout at them

7 – you just give them half of your food, you have plenty

8 – you take your wrath out on their family, they will pay for what they did

9 – you remove your friend from your life, they obviously did not treat you with enough respect

Question 5: In the dining hall you notice that a sixth former is picking on a year 7, how do you approach the situation?

1 – you get the pupil handbook out and read the bullying section to the sixth former

2 – you give them a wedgey

3 – you cause a fight

4 – they immediately apologise as you are their crush

5 – you make sure the year 7 is alright before announcing to the whole hall that bullying is wrong

6 – you make the sixth former cry by humiliating them

7 – you take the sixth former out of the dining hall and should him

8 – you mercilessly embarrass them in front of the whole school

9 – you have no pity for the sixth former and put them in a detention

Now for the results!

1 – Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

2 – Hermes – God of Mischief and Travel

3 -Ares – God of War

4 – Aphrodite – Goddess of Love

5 – Apollo – God of music, poetry, archery, healing and song

6 – Poseidon – God of the Sea

7 – Zeus – King of the Gods and God of the Sky

8 – Hera – Goddess of marriage and home

9 – Hades – God of the dead, ruler of the underworld

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