Meet the editors pt2


My name is Genevieve A-B, aka Gen, I’m 17 and I take Biology, Chemistry and Maths and I hope to be a dermatologist when I’m older. I’ve been considering joining the bubble for quite a while now and finally decided to take the plunge this year. The bubble is my chance to explore my creative side more and write about things I’m interested in, regardless of who reads it (lucky Alice Gee says she’ll read it so I’m happy). I doubt there will be a theme to what I write about but I hope all my upcoming articles are either informative or entertaining.


I joined the bubble this year as an editor after having a lot of fun writing for the my year 11 magazine during lockdown. Although that sudden drive for writing didn’t persuade me to choose any form of English as a subject to take (too much writing for me!), I stuck with Biology, Psychology and PE. You’ll catch me writing articles about world current affairs and current headlines, as well as a more relaxed fun articles – check weekly to stay updated whether I’m writing about world matters or Crocs, there’s really no in between. Who knows what my next article will be about!

Miss T-P

When Mr H asked if anyone would like to help with the Bubble next year, I was really keen to get involved. Some of you may know me as your English or Drama teacher or as a Year 12 tutor and member of the Howe team. I have also been a year 7 tutor and worked in Blake. I have been at RHS for two years now, moving here from Norwich. I studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia and worked as a social media and marketing assistant during my studies. During my time in school, I worked on the weekly newsletter, writing articles, and then becoming an editor in the Sixth Form. I am looking forward to working with the new team of editors and supporting them in their vision for the Bubble.

Mr H

Some things about Mr H are fairly widely known. Such as: he is a verbose, bespectacled English teacher who refers incessantly to his previous academic achievements and claims to have once scored a century in a cricket match. Other things about Mr H are less well known: he is one quarter German and one quarter Australian, loves cats but isn’t allowed to have one (because of Mrs H-L), and believes he can impersonate all of America’s modern presidents accurately (dubious). Before anyone asks, he’s still working on his Biden.

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