Sixth Form Bachelor – Gen A-Badu

This week’s Bachelor is George N!     

He describes himself as funny, chilled, sporty, friendly and care-free.

His friends describes him as a nice guy with a bad streak, who is here for a good time not a long time.

Star sign : Gemini

He’s looking for a girl who is short, brunette, sporty and funny.
But are any of the following bachelorettes going to meet his requirements?

Bachelorette number 1 is Lucy D. She takes Biology, P.E and Psychology and hopes to be a physiotherapist in the future. She’s looking for a boy who is down to earth, funny and a zodiac nerd. When asked her opinion on George she said “As long as he’s rising in Gemini, sun in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius then I’m happy.”

Star sign : Aquarius

Bachelorette number 2 is Amélie K. She takes Politics, Economics and Business and hopes to be a future star. Her type is tall, blonde, sporty and overly sarcastic. When asked about George she said “Personally George isn’t my type, but at the end of the day it’s a competition and I’m in it to win it.”

Star sign : Gemini

Bachelorette number 3 is Eleanor D. She takes Biology, Music and Psychology and she wants to be a private therapist for celebrities. Her type is tall, dark and handsome (and a bit of money wouldn’t hurt). When asked her opinion about George, Ellie said “He might not have dark hair but I’ll make allowane$.”

Star sign : Gemini

Bachelorette number 4 is Kitty P. She takes Psychology, Art and Media and she wants to be a graphic designer. She’s looking for someone to fall into her lap that is tall, dark and handsome. When asked about George, Kitty said “George is a good friend but isn’t my type, but who knows what will happen.”

Star sign : Pisces

Bachelorette number 5 is Pippa T. She takes Physics, Maths and Economics and wants to spend the rest of her time looking for Mr Right, preferably in the countryside as she wants a farmer boy. When asked about George Pippa said “He’s a bit of me.”

Star sign : Leo

At the beginning of the week the bachelorettes were given the opportunity to get to know George over speed mess dates. The first person to meet George was Lucy they discussed zodiac signs, did palm readings and Lucy realised her and George were “Super compatible!” Amelie was very touchy-feely, she giggled at every “joke” George made and even went as far to stroke his cheek. Ellie started the conversation by asking what brand watch George was wearing, followed with what he wants to be in the future. After receiving her answers, Ellie was very uninterested in the conversation until George mentioned his mum had a Birkin bag. Kitty and George had a nice catch up, but unfortunately there were no sparks. Lastly Pippa was quite nervous about her date but as her and George got to talking they found common ground in their love for the country.

Back at house the bachelorettes got together and discussed their dates. Lucy walked into the room and was convinced they were soulmates, she said “We’re gonna have two kids, Lilly and Xander.” Kitty made it very clear her and George were JUST FRIENDS, Amelie showed no interest in the chat and claimed she “Didn’t even want to be here,” and she was just her for the clout. Ellie wouldn’t shut up about his Rolex and his mum’s Birkin, all the while Pippa stayed silent.

Later that day the singletons met at the Dias. George had 4 rose but there were only 5 girls, one of them was going to be dropped. George started by saying he was “So grateful for all the attention” and he had such a difficult decision. “But the first girl he would like to go on a date with is…Amelie” George also picked Ellie and Pippa leaving just Kitty and Lucy. He said, “This was a really hard decision as it’s between a good friend and a possible relationship, but I’ve got to listen to my heart. The last girl I would like to go on a date with is…Kitty.” Lucy fell to the ground, Mrs Sweeney had to run from the health centre to check she was still breathing. Lucky Joel Sheldon was around to carry her to matron’s car. I met Lucy and the health centre to check she was alright. She wasn’t. “I feel like we were meant to be,” she said, “it was literally written in the stars. Our zodiac signs matched, the palm readings said we would have two kids and tarot cards said I would find love this week. I’m devastated.”

On Wednesday George went on a date with all the girls. First was Kitty. They joined a football match with the lads and shared the last piece of pizza from the previous nights’s takeaway, there was little to no conversing between the two. Next was Amelie who insisted they should play golf as she has never done it before and needed “assistance” from an experienced golfer. Turned out Amelie was much better at golf than George and ended up giving him lessons instead. After golf George took Pippa on a walk around Alton water and finished it off with an ice cream. Lastly, George took Ellie to the Co-op where Ellie got a little tap-happy with his card. The highlight of her date was the slushie.

Later that night the threesome met at the dais once again to wait for George’s selection. There was tension in the air as George announced the first girl he would like to take on another date. “Based solely on how well the date went, the girl I would like to take on another date is…Kitty.” He also picked Pippa leaving Amelie and Ellie. “This was a really tough decision as you’re both amazing girls, but the person I’ve had the best connection with so far and would like to take on another date is…Ellie.” Amelie smiled and said, “It was a bit of fun and it was getting boring anyways.” I found her later in her room crying, eating ice cream and listening to JLS.

Friday is the final day and George has to make his final decision tonight. As it is the last day the girls decide the date’s activity. Kitty picked an art date where she had to paint George. The date ended with George saying, “I love this picture, I’m going to hang it on my wall.” I found the portrait it in the bin by Jellico. Ellie and Pippa boy decided to serenade George, each wanting to be the first to make this romantic gesture. It didn’t go well, George has been taking paracetamol since.

As his dates came to a close George had a final looming decision. They bachelorettes met him on the Dias for the final time to find out which one George would pick to start a relationship.

Stayed tuned next week to find out who George picks AND who the new Bachelorette will be and the five single bachelors who are willing to do anything to get with her !

1 thought on “Sixth Form Bachelor – Gen A-Badu

  • May 19, 2021 at 3:43 pm

    I hope that Amelie had her own set of golf clubs? George knows the rules!!

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