Christmas Desert Island Discs – Mr Barker

Vivaldi – Gloria

I sang it (the high line!) at a Christmas concert when I was 12 years old and it remains my favourite Christmassy choral work, especially the Cum Sancto Spiritu.

The PretendersTwo Thousand Miles 

Chrissie Hynde’s extraordinarily beautiful vocal features in what might just be the most emotionally satisfying Christmas pop song ever.

Steeleye SpanGaudete 

Folk-rock was never a favourite of mine (sorry, RSWD) but this is ace.  I remember singing it with my two brothers on the way home from the pub one Christmas Eve – suspect the neighbours weren’t too impressed.


AnonA Coventry Carol

Christmas choral perfection: a superb and beautiful early English tune wherein the notable use of a Picardy third helps to mask the terrible subject matter, the Massacre of the Innocents.


BabybirdYou’re Gorgeous

This song was playing on the hospital radio at the moment my son Sam was born, two days before Christmas 21 years ago.  And he was (although I might be biased…)!

PC Du Toit

CWD - Y11

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