Teacher Couples #2 – ‘Mann, oh Mann!’

  1. How did you meet?

Party in South Harrow in 1992. Mr Mann had been told it was a fancy dress party and typically arrived in full Moroccan galabia (male traditional woollen dress) and fez. It was, however, not a fancy dress party and Mrs Mann felt compassion and conversed with this sorry figure! The rest of history……!

  1. How do you find both working at RHS?

Best years of our lives! Mrs Mann loves the pastoral and boarding element and her role in Hood has been the best job she has ever had. After a successful career in offshore finance, Mr Mann enjoys clowning around in the classroom with a view to maximising students’ geographical potential. We are both living the RHS dream! A very special place to be.

  1. How do you feel about not having any girls?

Mrs Mann has around 50 every year anyway, which more than makes up! On a more serious note, girls would have been nice but we weren’t prepared to risk 4 boys! We are very proud of our three boys and maybe we will have granddaughters at some point in the future!

  1. Do you like your children saying Miss/Sir or Mum/Dad in school time?

Our children rarely speak to us in school! However, in class or a formal context we would expect to be treated as any other teacher would, but Mr Mann is not so keen on being called “ Miss” – and beyond the formal we are grateful for any communication.

  1. What was your best date?

The last 25 years seem to have been just one long date, with all of our travels! Our first date was, somewhat unsurprisingly Mr Mann inviting me to a car boot sale in rural Leicestershire where he insisted on buying me various treasures!

  1. Is there anything tradition you like to do in your family?

A traditional Christmas, watching ‘The Apprentice’ as a family, and each year going on as many holidays and seeing as many different places as possible!

  1. What does Mrs Mann think of all Mr Mann’s knickknacks? 

Knick Knacks implies that all these items are small; however, Mrs Mann’s treasures come in all shapes and sizes. As an example, Mr Mann once returned from church having bought all 32 church pews, the pulpit and two staircases. Mr Mann has never forgiven Mrs Mann for  asking him return these items! Over recent years, the pace of purchasing has slowed as Mr Mann struggles to find space for storage! Anyone with a barn or garage unit for rent, please contact him!

  1. Favourite family meal?

Mrs Mann is a decent cook and some of her specialties include tuna pasta bake, Parmesan, chicken and asparagus risotto and Sunday roast. We cannot recall a good meal prepared by Mr Mann; however, he has made an effort from time to time – the first ever meal cooked for Mrs Mann was Steak Diane, stewed in over boiled vegetables with a vanilla ice cream sauce (he forgot the cream!)

  1. Who does the most housework?

Mr Mann had to seek clarification as to what this meant before answering the question. He confirms that on the evening before Mrs Mann returns from school trips, he marshals the 3 boys, hoovers and loads the dishwasher.

  1. Who wears the trousers in the relationship?

Mr Mann wears the same tracksuit bottoms, shoes and multi-coloured trousers that he always has. We are a team and bring skills different skills to the party. Having worked together for nearly 20 years in a 24/7 boarding school we can safely say that we are a team and whoever is wearing the trousers, we ensure that they fit properly!

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  • November 10, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    Pure harmony. Whilst I’ve heard many of these anecdotes in minibuses during geo trips, they still bring a smile to my face. Bravo the Manns

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