The Creationary Corner – Issue #2 (The Return)

Welcome back once again to the creationary corner, where all creative spirits are welcome to express themselves. Once again we have a selection of poems (yes still my own) to share. Last week we saw a wonderfull piece from Yvonne De Villiers, and I look forward to see more creative talent emerging from the woodworks of RHS, even if it’s just a short unfinished poem, a short story, anything. If you have an idea share it with us.

If you’d like to submit a piece to be considered for next weeks issue please contact me by email at 2hurleo@royalhospitalschool or alternativley comtact Mr Hodson at and We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance, we look forward to seeing the amazing talent that you have to offer.


“Moonlight Spring” – By Oliver Hurley

In that constant peace I find it,
It waits for me, it never leaves,
It may change but it never leaves.

Between lengths of life stretching up, up, up,
And graves of gravity pushing down.
Alone, around, open, abound.
I always sit in the centre until I know
I’ve been found.

Before I sat alone, I looked up but
Never down.
I’d known love before, but not here,
Not in this place, so serene, so peaceful
I could cry

And I would, I wish to, to cry,
To give myself away,
Throw myself into those endless springs,
Feel myself freed, loved in return.

I look out at the darkness, the forest’s
Pale light,
I see myself reflected In those distant
Oceanic calms,
Now they draw closer, I wish
To hold them,
But my body refrains, instead
I sit here and wait, crying in shame.

I love those waters, the noise they make,
The stillness, the sound
Of life, the earth’s wide love
Entombing me around.

I fear this constant peace I find,
For that water is not here, its
Out there, and I must reach for it
With paralysed hands, I freeze in awe
In fear that my hand may slip, my
Tongue alight, my hope

But I try, in small steps I try
Toward that moonlight spring.


“Facade” – By Oliver Hurley

Flooding out.
Seeping in.
Fatal frames.
Final sands from fissures unknown.
Furious, feeble, fallible,
All fly over.
All to nothing.

And yet still that face
Smiling sweetly.
Silently seeing.
Subtly sounding.
all for nothing.
All to black


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