Monthly Mixtape Takeover- Eloise Best

I, like a lot of people, have a pretty eclectic music taste. I mostly listen to K-Pop (basically just BTS and BLACKPINK but it totally counts) and relatively obscure indie rock so that’s what this list has basically turned into. If you like the not K-Pop songs from this list you should check out Diet Cig, Tiny Moving Parts and Together PANGEA. Enjoy this slice of my Spotify.

1. Songs for Teenagers by Fake Problems

I just love this song. It’s not some epic power ballad or sweet soulful tune, it’s just honest and lovely. I get such post-party vibes from this song I think because it’s so reflective and relaxed. Also I love the album art which is why I listened to it in the first place.

2. Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix) by BTS

Who would I be if there was no BTS on this list, really. Its K-Pop but don’t get put off by the Korean because this version has the most English of any BTS songs. This song was awesome before it was remix and now it’s so good that I listened to it four times consecutively within the hour it was released – you don’t have to do that (but I would recommend it). This song is so full of energy and just makes me want to dance. The best version is from the MAMAs this year with Cypher 4 but the music video is awesome too. Also there’s a version with Desiigner rapping in it. I have a list of my favourite BTS songs and I’m happy to compare notes because I think I’ve developed an obsession, also they won a billboard award and performed at the AMAs so you know they’re good.

3. Apple Cider I Don’t Mind by Modern Baseball

I hated this song the first time I heard it and I’m still not sure why. Modern Baseball songs are a strange honest soft-punk thing that I can’t really explain coherently because I’m too enthusiastic about it. There are some really distinct guitar moments in this song and it’s weirdly catchy for what it is. This song is from Holy Ghost which is an amazing album but seems a little sad somehow, I think because the songs are so frank.

4. Bukowski by Moose Blood

This is one of the sweetest songs and, I’ll be honest, it made me cry one time. I have a thing for really honest music whether it’s heavy metal, pop or punk and the mundane actions of the chorus (“to keep warm I’ll bring a sweater, you can have mine it looks better and honestly you can take it home”) make my hear melt a little. It’s quite sappy.

5. If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will by PUP

PUP is one of my all time favourite bands and they deserve a lot of love. This song is about wanting to kill someone because you spend so much time with them, relatable for school, right? The lyrics are… very angry but that’s fine because that’s just how this song should be and it’s so cathartic. This song might be a bit heavy for a lot of people but for others please love it as much as I do. [Warning: video is pretty graphic]

6. DESTROYA by My Chemical Romance

I feel like at this point you can guess that I love this band, that’s what this is really but it’s not just me this time okay. If there’s one thing me and my cousins love it’s MCR (one of my cousins got a week off school when they broke up because she was so genuinely distraught). I remember watching MCR play this song on TV for Reading and Leeds with my mum (she’s a pretty big fan) and dancing in the living room. It’s My Chemical Romance; loud, aggressive and totally awesome.

7. Deceptacon by Le Tigre

This song always makes me feel like I’m in a montage or something. It’s loud and is mostly incomprehensible yelling but it makes me feel like I’m doing things really fast. It’s a pretty great late 90s grunge song and it’s fun it yell.

8. Twin Size Mattress by The Front Bottoms

This song is also lyrically a bit sad but awesome. It is, like most things I listen to, some kind of soft punk that people haven’t heard of. It’s basically regular life music, there’s no giant conspiracy theory but there is a story to it which is worth figuring out.

9. DRAMARAMA by Monsta X

It’s K-Pop again because we all need to broaden our horizons a little sometimes. This song makes me want to dance so much it’s so groovy. This is the only Monsta X song I know, it’s so fun! It’s got a great beat. K-Pop usually has bigger groups and a lot of dancing so it’s a visual experience too.

10. Young Drunk by The Smith Street Band

This is a really great band, all I know about them is that they’re from Australia and they have some REALLY good songs. This isn’t even my favourite TSSB song (Get High, See No One or Death To The Lads are tied for number one – totally worth a listen!) but it’s so good in that it contrasts from being quiet and melancholy to being loud and melancholy. I’m sorry, I like songs with sad lyrics I just can’t help it.

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