From Chemtrails to the BBC; 3 ways the government is controlling your mind* – Noah A

Two turbulent years of lockdowns, suffering and the rise of apps such as “Zoom” and “Teams” have made it easier than ever for the government to subliminally indoctrinate us into a false sense of security before they steal all of our data and create a hyper-realistic version of “The Sims” for the entertainment of the wealthy elite. These elites have been putting into place numerous measures recently which are designed to alter our thoughts and coerce us into a submissive and vulnerable state. I urge you with all my heart as a humanitarian to resist these assaults on our freedoms and let us pave our own pathway rather than one sculpted for us by the government.

Control Method 1; The introduction of NPCs (Non Player Characters) into everyday life

Non Player Characters were first designed by the soviets in 1967 to be deployed into American Cities in order to coerce a population into a different way of acting and thinking, but have since been popularised by video games. The idea is that by introducing a few people who behave as a government wants a population to behave, the flock nature of the average human will slowly start to pick up these traits triggering a domino effect. NPCs usually act extremely strangely but are unnoticeable to the untrained eye. A study in 1983** showed that in a room of 80 people and 5 NPCs, 90% of the room slowly picked up on patterns of sitting down and standing up at regular intervals, despite how odd this was. In 2022, this is a method used more than ever; identifiable traits include standing and waiting at double doors for someone to walk through when they could just open the other door – It’s so stupid. Don’t be a passenger. Wake up.

Control Method 2; 5G and Chemtrails

5G is a “Mobile Network” which emits Electro Magnetic waves at a frequency high enough to cause cellular damage – especially to the brain -which can lead to a person becoming more docile. It cannot be a coincidence that just 1 year and 17 days after the first 5G mast was built we were bullied into a lockdown so easily. A study showed that a group of Anti-5G protestors who spent a lot of time around 5G masts had an average IQ of 47 points! Use of a HUAWEI phone is recommended as the Electro Magnetic waves the Chinese Government use for surveillance perfectly cancel out the effects 5G waves. Chemtrails – short for “Chemical trails” – is the use of passenger jets to distribute large volumes of water traced with LSD (A hallucinogenic drug). The aim of this operation is to drug the population into a more accepting and less scrutinising state of mind. Unfortunately, it seems to already be taking effect as seen with the shock loss of a number of Tory council seats in the recent elections.


Control Method 3; The use of the BBC

The BBC has been used throughout history to spout hateful lies and sow seeds of distrust amongst the population, and in 2022 this hasn’t changed. Subsidiary channels such as Cbeebies have previously been a source of propaganda, with the infamous “Pingugate” Scandal in the early 2000s where the show ‘Pingu’ was utilised to subliminally brainwash children by hiding secret messages in the Icelandic dialogue. More recently, the BBC has been viciously advertising the use of clinically untested, dangerous vaccines which the government have used to track and monitor our daily movements. My question to you is when will the madness stop?

In this clip Pingu is seen to be telling his compatriot about the benefits of the cost of living crisis

To conclude; See the signs and save yourselves


**Source, 1983 Study on Group thinking;

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