Guess Who: BHM Edition – Gen A-B

Born: 1832, North Carolina

Died: 1904, Connecticut

Notable invention: She made improvements to the ironing board. Hers was designed to improve the quality of ironing the sleeves and bodies of women’s garments

Extra: She is regarded as the first African American woman to receive a patent. 

Born: August 1920, Texas

Died: March 1982, Illinois 

Notable inventions: He invented a wire precision resistor which could withstand extreme accelerations, shocks, and temperature changes. His resistor was used in TVs, IBM computers, and military missiles. He also invented the control unit for artificial cardiac pacemakers. 

Extra: He died with 28 registered patents to his name.

Born: October 1949, Alabama 

Died: – 

Notable invention: He invented the Super Soaker, initially called the “Power Drencher”. He also invented the Nerf gun.

Extra: Around 200 million Super Soakers have been sold netting about $1 billion in sales. 

Born: November 1919, New York City 

Died: February 2013, New Jersey

Notable inventions: She is credited with developing the technique of using human tissue culture rather than lab mice to test potential drugs on cancer cells. She also pioneered the use of the drug methotrexate, a foundational chemotherapy drug. 

Extra: Her work and research saved millions of lives and she receive 12 awards.

Born: October 1922, New York City

Died: February 1999, New York City 

Notable inventions: She created the first home security system. Comprised of a camera which projected images onto a TV. It also included a two-way microphone, a remote-controlled door, and a panic-button which contacted the authorities when pressed.

Extra: She made this whilst being a full-time nurse. Received an award by the National Science Committee and New York Times ran an article on her.


  1. Sarah Boone
  2. Otis Boykin
  3. Lonnie G. Johnson
  4. Jane C. Wright
  5. Marie Van Brittan Brown

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