Climate Chat – Mrs Williamson

Earlier this year American Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, and China Special Envoy for Climate Change, Xie Zhenhua, met in Shanghai. There they had a series of meetings to discuss how these two countries might reduce global emissions. A resolution was not reached!

Mrs Williamson (Head of Business and Economics) considers how their conversation might have gone.

Meeting 1

USA: So we’ve got to sort out the planet

China: Agreed

USA: So you need to stop producing loads of stuff and polluting the environment.

China: Riiiiiiight?

USA: And then the planet will be fine. Ok?

China: You do know that we export pretty much all of what we make to you guys? And a fair bit to Europe too.

USA: Yeah but you’re the ones doing the making so you’re the ones who’ve got to stop

China: Ok but you do know that Forever 21 and Walmart are basically full of stuff that’s ‘made in China’?

USA: Yeah but…

China: So if you guys stop buying new jeans every season and new paddling pools every summer and new plastic toys for your children and…

USA: But we can’t stop buying that stuff.

China: Why?

USA: Because what households buy makes up nearly 70% of our GDP every year. That means that if we persuade Americans to stop buying plastic stuff they don’t need from you guys, our economy will crash.

China: This sounds like a really big problem

USA: Yup

China: Shall we just get a Deliveroo instead?

USA: Yeah

*both reach for their smart phones*

Meeting 2

USA: Ok, so we’ve really got to sort this out. You guys produce 28% of the world’s CO2 emissions. That’s ridiculous!

China: And you produce 15%

USA: Ummmm hello? We produce a lower % so you’re the biggest problem.

China: No

USA: What do you mean no?

China: It’s not quite that simple. You see we have a population of nearly 1.4 billion people. You guys have a population of 328 million. Every single American emits 15 tonnes of CO2 each. Whereas every single Chinese person emits just 7 tonnes of CO2 per person. You are literally THE worst polluters in the world.

USA: Ok but we’ve got like a massive country. And everywhere is super far away from everywhere else, so we need big trucks.

China: You need big trucks?

USA: Yeah.

China: Riiiiight. Shall we just watch Breaking Bad instead?

USA: Yeah. This is, like, really hard to sort out.

*China sets up the IPad*

Meeting 3

USA: Ok, come on. We HAVE to decide on something today.

China: Sure

USA: Ok so what are you going to do?

China: How about we agree to become carbon neutral by 2060?

USA: Um, that’s ages away.

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