Fantastic Scarves and How to Fold Them – Oli Hurley

What is this? An article on scarves? Just after the Spring Equinox? Well yes, scarves aren’t merely there to keep us warm you know? Scarves are more than a fashion accessory… they’re a way of life, and a fabulous one at that. Simply think, how could one possibly dare to stand on a cliff face or in gale force winds without an accompanying scarf to at least tell them they look cool while doing it, or at least make them feel cool. So my friends, prepare yourself to become one with the scarf, through scorching heat and freezing rains, the neck is always in need of protection (and a heightened sense of style).

It may surprise you, seeing as how I spend most of my waking day wearing a scarf, rain or shine, but I don’t actually know a lot about how to tie (I think that’s the right term) a scarf. Yes I have my methods, but mostly I resort to only two or three rather crude folds. Today however this shall be no more, as I take you on a journey through the vibrant world of scarf folds. But before we dive in I must simply relate to you one key phrase… “Scarves are not for now or then but for all time”… some may disagree, indeed the school rules say they should be taken off in chapel and lessons. But if we are to truly immerse ourselves in the world of one of longest worn accessories it can hardly afford us to be putting on and taking off our scarves every half second. And even so, once God or your teacher sees these slick scarf folds I doubt they’ll want you to take it off.

Let’s start with the basics… and here I must admit that my folds fall under this category. First we have the classic, the de facto, the old familiar, the drape. I know it may sound confusing but bear with me. You obtain your scarf, find roughly where the centre is, and drape it over your neck so that it runs down the front of your body. Now I know that was a lot to handle but I’m sure we’re all capable of the beloved drape.

Next we move on to something a little more complicated, the once over. Start of as we did with the drape, but this time make one side longer than the other, then sling this longer side around your neck so that it goes all the way round and comes back. Ba da bing ba da boom, now your whole neck is nice and toasty without the hassle of any complex twists and turns.

Now for what I deem the Hurley special, not that it’s really any good except with a select number of scarves but it’s something…. Basically you just tie a know, but with your scarf. So you start with the drape them cross the sides over and put one through the hole in the centre, then pull. Now voila, you’ve got a knot over your neck, cool I guess. Honestly I grew out of this a while ago, i started to realise it doesn’t really work, it is quick though I’ll give it that.

Finally, my scarf wearing friends, or at least I assume you are if you’ve read this far, may I introduce to you my new favourite scarf fold (that I can actually do), Le Piece De Resistance so to speak. They call it “the weave”. Now, to master this secret, holy, scarf technique requires immense dedication and patience. Firstly we take cut our scarf in half (not literally of course) and drape it ofer us so that one side creates a loop and the other consist of two stray ends. Then you take one of these ends and place it through the loop. Usually people can be seen placing both ends through the loop, but not toady, today we make scarf history. Once one end is through we take the other end bring it round the loop and back in so that it enters from the opposite direction of the first end. Then with a but more adjusting we have it…. The perfect scarf! Well that’s not true, but at least a pretty fine good scarf fold that’s relatively quick and stylish.

And so I hope my dear scarf enthusiasts that you are now just as ready to enter back into the world as new men and women, equipped with the skills needed not just to look stylish, but to live a way of life wholly governed by the essence of scarfdom and the spirit of the fab.

By Oli Hurley

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