Festivals: Ranked – Daisy C

This may have been a bit of a late release but its still not too late to book a festival this summer or get prepared for next! For an RHS specific guide, this article covers the pros and cons of the most popular festivals around depending on location, music, food and atmosphere. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Glastonbury – 10/10 (Somerset, 21-25 June)
  • At a total capacity of 210,000, Glastonbury festival is at another league. The fact that 2.5 million people try to buy tickets, websites around the world crash and if you dont click and type your details into the boxes within seconds says it all. To say you made it into Glastonbury is an achievement in itself. TRUST ME. We try every year and I’ve only been once. Little year 5 me screaming Adele’s heartthrobs at the top of my lungs… AMAZING. This festival is unreal. There are no words – from the best artists, to the impeccable vibe, from the food to the clubbing, this festival is incomparable, 100% miss school for it. Target age: 25- the tickets are expensive but totally worth it. WARNING: MUD, A LOT OF MUD. If you are one of the fortunate few to go, BRING WELLIES AND FORGET YOUR HEELS, that Glastonbury mud is thick.

2. Boardmasters – 8/10 (9-13 Aug)

  • The festival to go to this year, or so it seems! On the coast of Cornwall, Boardmasters does festivals a bit different- it mixes beach with party! From surfing to dancing, the seaside lovers will be right at home here. Great Djs, less well known headliners and pretty off track but if you feel like some summer fun then get trekking to Newquay an dont miss out.

3. Sundown – 7.5/10 (1-3 Sep)

  • Although this one’s jsut before school, do not disregard Sundown. Located just outside Norwich, this slightly smaller festival has great music, food and atmosphere at a reasonable price. Be aware that the age limit is 14 and the artists may be less global but if you want a local festival with great DJs and a high energy feel, Sundown is for you.

4. Latitude- 7/10 (20-23 July)

  • Now, this one is a tricky one. I first went to latitude at 3 years old and have been 5 times since, so it is clearly not bad. Close, safe, generally good music – this festival’s target audience may as well be RHS. I mean, it even has a Waitrose! Known for its dust, last year I learnt never to wear white at latitude. Pros: You will know a lot of poeple there, Cons: You will know a lot of people there… It is the perfect festival for 11-15 year olds and their respective parents. But… the vibes are just not there. Maybe becuase it is a sort of ‘non-festival-festival,’ it attracts the Karens but there’s something missing from Latitude. if you want to dress up and go crazy, go further afield. But nevertheless, I would 100% recommend this one if you are new to festivals, its super easy and pretty solid.

5. Radio 1 Big Weekend – 7/10 (26-28 May)

  • Unlike the rest, this one moves locations annually and the artists are curated from Radio 1’s playlist. With top-chart singers and pop phenomenon, this is the definition of a mega music festival. However, there is no camping. Shocking – I know – this is a different sort of festival and the ticket prices are pretty cheap. If you want guaranteed great music and aren’t a festival junkie then this is the one for you.

6. Creamfields – 7/10 (24-27 Aug)

  • Incredible line-ups, slightly worse shower situations than some, great vibe especially if you’re into house and tech music then you will be dancing into the night. There are multiple Creamfields, but the main one is in Liverpool. Possibly more expensive beverages than most but certainly many have had amazing experiences here.

7. Reading – 6.5/10 (25-27 Aug)

  • I havent been, but from what I’ve heard, it much more hard-core. Parents out, old teenagers in. Definately less safe, probably more fun. With a capacity of 90,000, this one’s pretty big. You wont be finding a Waitrose there though. Possibly more dead than Leeds but definately better weather. Good music, good vibes, and a great night out. Age: 16-25.

8. Leeds – 6.5/10 (25-27 Aug)

  • So Leeds and Reading are basically the same festival, organised but he same company but in different locations. Leeds has a better vibe, but worse weather so you better pack those wellies. Leeds has music blaring all night, whereas Reading has a a music curfew of around 3:00am due to its central location. And, the toilet situation in any festival isnt great, but Leeds is your vile poo pit, as some call it. Leeds is a vibe, but you wont feel clean or get sleep so be prepared! Age: 16-25

9. Shambala – 6.5/10 (24-27 Aug)

  • Now, ordinarily, this one probably wouldn’t make the list but this is the festival my family love the most (when we have failed to get Glastonbury tickets). Shambala is a proper festival, with delicious vegetarian food, creative workshops and chill music – this is a family festival top hit. I know I mentioned vegetarian, but the food is so mouth-watering, you wont even realise the lack of meat. And did I not mention the dressing up because at Shambala, we DRESS UP so if you like a bit of that then get those tickets. More clean, more free and more vibey, it may not have the most well know artists or the biggest capacity but I would definitely recommend. 

10. Wireless – 5/10 (7-9 July)

  • I do not know much about this one but Wireless s a rap and hip-hop music festival based in London, filled with iconic artists, more pricey than most, gaps between artists and possibly less vibey?? The trip advisor reviews are possibly too harsh and if you’re willing to pay a bit more to see celebrities such as Drake, Cardi B and Chris Brown then Wireless is your vibe.

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