The Cheese Conundrum – Daisy C & Emi S

Emi and I feel very differently about cheese. I couldn’t care less, and to say that Emi loves it is clearly an understatement. That girl is obsessed. Did you ever find that as the suitcases came off the plane, there was that one that absolutely reeked? Yes, that was Emi. Trust me, she brings cheese across the border. In comparison, I don’t leave space for cheese at a meal, let alone in a suitcase. The best thing about the cheese course is the grapes. If its a generic cheese, I might have a nibble, but I really cannot get excited about that stuff.

I, on the other hand, love cheese. Can’t get enough of the stuff. Cheeseboards are my favourite dessert – or meal, or starter, or whatever because let’s be honest, cheese works in every context. Some people can’t see the appeal; I would say they’re ignorant. Daisy would say they’re indifferent. But who’s right?

So, who are you, the craver or the critic?


Emi: Stellar 10/10. Perfect for a cheese board, plus it has a range. Extra mature cheddar for the win though.

Daisy: mid on a good day – a bit sour but, sorry, the mature stuff is disgusting


Emi: I could snack on mozzarella all day – it’s just so versatile. From pizza bases to being paired with basil and tomato, it’s really refreshing on a summer’s day.

Daisy: you know what? Yes I actually like this one, yes, yes, yes WITH BASIL AND TOMATO AND I’M IN LOVE, any salad for that matter. And, of course, on pizza (Buffalo mozzarella is obviously the best one) – chef’s kiss


Emi: This one can be a bit of a make or break. A bit dense but quite tasty.

Daisy: Better than cheddar.

Blue cheese

Emi: Once got through an entire dinner just eating blue cheese and crackers – this one packs a punch, and I really appreciate it.

Daisy: Absolutely not – get those smelly feet of a cheese away from me! You guys do realise you’re eating mould?


Emi: God no. Hate this one. Brings back memories of Belgian school lunches. Not a fan.

Daisy: I have no idea what this is


Emi: Used to hate this one, but now I think its absolutely lush. Phenomenal when melted.

Daisy: mmm – edible?


Emi: My dad loves Wensleydale with cranberries, but it’s too sweet for me. Also the texture is simultaneously crumbly and pasty? Not a fan.

Daisy: Again, no idea what it is

Red Leicester

Emi: Perfect sandwich cheese. My favourite alternative to cheddar.

Daisy: AMAZING – my childhood cheese – my comfort cheese – bright orange but I would eat it any day over cheddar – absolutely NOT a sandwich cheese though, are you mad? No; these cheese goes sooo well with apples and grapes.


Emi: Nice addition, but nowhere near nice enough to have on its own. Way too gritty.

Daisy: See above


Emi: A Norwegian taste you can’t really forget. Again, childhood memories might be altering my opinion, but I remember thinking this was chocolate and being severely disappointed when it wasn’t.

Daisy: Emi, speak English please

Rokiškio naminis sūris

Emi: Personal favourite, great with gira.

Daisy: Please speak English


Emi: Simple, a classic base. Great with bagels. Gotta be careful though, if you toast them, it melts a bit too quickly.

Daisy: Yes – The bagel cheese for sure. Perfect with smoked salmon, lemon, pepper and salt on a warm, toasted bagel

Goat’s cheese

Emi: …not a fan.

Daisy: I’ve tried to convince myself to like it but it’s not working

Paprika/chili cheese

Emi: Based. A true diamond in the rough and fully underrated.

Daisy: How can a cheese be made from paprika and chili? But it sounds good, ill have a try

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