Rating Universities solely based on their logos – Rosy F

With year 13 in the process of applying to the universities of their choice, I thought it would be topical to talk about this subject. However, I am fully aware that these applications are very nerve-racking and at times emotional, therefore I decided to go off piste and give my opinion on a slightly random topic.

So I decided to rate universities based on their logos alone. I felt that I am totally qualified for this because I achieved a GCSE in art and in all have a very good sense of taste when it comes to graphic design. Therefore, I will base my rating on the uniqueness of the logos, the message behind the logos, how memorable the logos are and whether they make sense. Without any further interruptions, I will start my judgement!

(please do not be offended by these ratings, everyone is allowed their own opinion)

Durham University


Durham’s logo is not awful but it is not revolutionary. I do love a crest so had to give them points for that but it feels like it is lacking something …

University of Birmingham


I love this logo! The colours of the crest really give this logo a well needed pop of colour and you can never go wrong with a latin Moto! I do just feel that the merging of the Y and O is doing too much and does not fit with the neatness of the rest of the logo.

University of Edinburgh


Again, I am a sucker for a pop of colour, as I really like this logo! The inclusion of the thistle makes my heart burst with joy, as well as the topical inclusion of a book and castle. Overall this a nice logo.

University of Warwick


I just think that there is no point in the array of colour blends at the top of the logo. Also why are the colours in 2 joined triangles? Why is Warwick put on the logo twice? Why does the font every-so-slightly change? This logo is a total let down!

University of Cambridge


As ever, Cambridge takes the traditional route with a simple crest. I have to admit that I do really like the crest, which is not a tactic to try and get an offer from them! It is giving what needs to be given but I do feel that it slightly plain …

Nottingham University


I know that there is a castle in Nottingham but I am still confused. What does the line underneath have to do with the uni? If it is representing a wave then I am positive that there is no sea near Nottingham. Either way, it feels plain but at least they give the castle some nice dimensions!

University of Leeds


If Warwick was doing too much, Leeds is not doing enough. The black and white colour scheme is surely not attracting anyone to want to go there. Also the random tower in the box seems too simple, if it was maybe a different colour, I would probably like it more. Overall, the logo is not memorable at all.

Loughborough University


Aside from using the standardised font for the text, there is not much wrong with this logo. I personally do not like it because I think it is too similar to Durham’s, which is why I alway get confused between the 2 universities. I know I have said that I do love a good crest, just wish that the crest was the same size as the text and not slightly bigger.

University of Oxford


Now this is a good logo. I adore the colour scheme, as it gives me Ravenhall vibes from the navy blue and I already feel very intelligent just by looking at it! Also the crest is super unique and with another latin Moto, I had no choice but to give Oxford a 10!

University of Exeter


The problem with this logo is the use of the blue colour for the ‘X’. I do love the change of font because it is very memorable, but blue is not the University of Exeter’s colour. We all know that the sports teams play in green which bugs me as to why they didn’t make the ‘X’ green aswell..

University of Bath


Although the colour blue is definitely overused by universities, it does not change the fact that I love this logo. The figure of the man helps me allude to the city’s roman heritage as well as being unforgettable. This logo is stunning to me and the exact uniqueness that I want to see from other Uni’s.

That concludes my judgement, I hope you found this article interesting but please do not attack me because I gave your favourite uni a low mark!

1 thought on “Rating Universities solely based on their logos – Rosy F

  • December 3, 2021 at 9:32 am

    Totally agree with Bath and Warwick! I’d never noticed that about Exeter before which is really annoying now!

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