After a long seasonal series, it is time to draw the Battle of Staff Style Series. From Christmas crackers to the cutest of dogs, we have seen everything. But not quite. It’s time to put te winners to the test. It’s time to see who the Ultimate Staff Style Champion 2023 will be. They have gone full out on this one; the brief being their most extravagant outfit and have they definately stepped up!

Who is your champion?

The Autumn Victor…

I would not consider myself an icon; I dress so that I am warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable in between. I wear colours and styles that make me happy and if that encourages others at RHS to do likewise, then surely that can only be for the better.

Today is my birthday so I am wearing my favourite colour, green. The trousers are silk linen (cooling), the tie was a gift from my partner with a pattern that matches a dress she used to wear when we started dating (nostalgic), the sunglasses were made by a friend who specialises in creating unique pieces out of sustainable materials (hipster), and the trainers are a retro Saucony Jazz to facilitate a brisk walk into school (late).

The Winter Winner…

The summer half is busy, so best be prepared for myriad social occasions! First Mrs Skau wears the perfect summer dress from Crew; light, long and WITH POCKETS, essential for the ever-present duty phone and keys. On the collar is the Hood House bee (always with her 💙💛) and her right arm is rightly hidden away so as not to reveal the summer sartorial crime-of-crimes – the watch strap suntan mark! Accessorised with a Le Touquet scarf; keep warm on a windy day, picnic blanket on a sunny one, alongside a beach chair with fabric from their wedding day (ahhhh) and it isn’t a party without BUNTING!

The second look is somewhat more pragmatic. Living at RHS, we must be cold-water ready at any moment! Wet suit, check, flippers, check, plus keeping Global Awareness at the forefront of our minds, a globe – NOT TO BE USED AS A BUOANCY AID, buoyancy vest, check! A less helpful outfit on those celebration days, you will not see her in the marquee or watching Divisions in this look, but a wonderful reminder of all things nautical.

The Spring Queen…

Based on recent events I can only offer you ‘sweaty, fieldwork gal’ or ‘stressed out Head of SF’ neither of which would win any prizes. BUT, we are in Summer and (maybe a cop out) my most exuberant Summer outfit of all time must be my wedding dress – I tried on 57 dresses, and I am sure, remain banned from many dress stores to date for my indecision and endless list of dress rejections. (I’ll not send evidence of the barbie pink, 8 layered, ball gown, sequin butterfly embellished dress my man-of-honour forced me to try on! (it was awful))

Jokes aside, I landed on a this (see photos) which I then had tailored to include full length buttons at the back and a lace panel. It is hands down the best thing I’ve ever worn, I was so excited to wear it and wore my veil and specially designed boho esq flower headband all day and well into the early hours. My shoes were also custom made and I was then able to dye them any colour so they can live on to many future dancefloors.

Surely a statement outfit, encompassing everything defining exuberance -happiness, luxury, style, excitement and energy.  I envy all upcoming brides for their turn feeling a million dollars and having the chance to showcase their style in the best dress you’ll ever wear.

Hopefully I’ve not ‘cheated’ the system too much here AND surely offered up ANOTHER Bubble article regular – staff wedding attire!?

The Summer Success…

I may be wearing a jacket and hat with the red and blue colours of my alma mater (Norwich School), but I still firmly believe that I deserve your votes as the most fashionable teacher. The combination of genuine 1930s vintage blazer with a wooden bow tie just works and is undeniably a bold, forward-facing outfit. Altogether, it’s daring, distinctive and dapper!

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