Who let the dogs out? Part 1

As you may have seen by my frantic emails yesterday evening, my dog fancied a chai latte and took himself on a solo walk to the Heritage Café. (A huge thank you to Mr Martineau for keeping hold of him!) So I thought this would be a good time to introduce you all to the four-legged friends of RHS, canine edition.


Owner: Miss Taylor Payne

Home: Hood

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 1

Naughtiness rating: 1000


Owner: Miss Shopova

Home: Howe

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age: 5 ½

Fun fact: His name is actually onomatopoeia

Lola and Freya

Owner: Miss Pearson

Home: Top Road

Breed: Jack Russell Cross and Chocolate Lab

Age: 9 and 2


Owner: Matron (Howe)

Home: Howe

Age: 6


Owner: Mr Gould

Home: Hawke

Age: 9

‘He’s the king of all dogs.’

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