Geo vs. History: The Ultimate Showdown – Eve H

Since the dawn of time man has fought over one thing… history or geography? For years I have had to hear the arguments never end. Well today I officially decide who the better department is. It’s a common room head-to-head. The geography and history department have been quizzed by various topics of their GCSE subject  (questions written by their opposers) and vice versa, your judge? Me, an overworked year 12 looking for answers. We will have individual teachers going against the other in battle, and then (after I double check my maths for the 5th time) we will have our answer, the history department gave me some questions I deemed to be worth two points so although they all got 5 questions, the geo department had more opportunity for points. Now quick PSA some teachers did not want their answers shown to the school but the ones that kindly (and humbly) did, I’ll be showing my favourite answer from each of them, also… you really shouldn’t have agreed to this.

Round 1 – Head against Head

Winner – Geo

Now I have been specifically told to include that both Mr Roe and Mrs Lockyer (heads of department) haven’t taken the other subject since they could first drop it in year 9. In this case I would say, thank god for that.

Now starting with the lovely Mrs Lockyer, while she didn’t want her answers shown to the world, she graciously allowed me to share her score of 2/6. Now readers, I know this doesn’t seem all well and good now, but this is only the tip of the iceberg (geo joke).

Mr Roe allowed me to show his answers and I must say, he handled this like a champ. Now I struggled to find my favourite answer from these absolute GEMS, but in the ned I decided this was the best.

Q: What is the name of a vertical joint in a limestone pavement?

A: His final answer was crack.

We both cracked up (😉) as I read out that the answer was in fact Gryke – who named this?

In the end he received a score of 1/5 by correctly answering the circulation cell in the middle of the Hadley and Polar was in face Ferrell. Congrats Sir, Buddy the Elf would be proud. 

Round 2 – Shavers VS Dunnett

Winner – History

This was a fun one for me. Mr Havers had confidence, we all did. Young lad with a history A-level, what could go wrong? Turns out… everything. When I let him know he would be answering question given on Medicine through the ages, his face went cold and his heart dropped. Here is the outcome of that –

Q:Who was James Simpson’s famous patient for Chloroform?

A: I don’t know if this was an homage or not but he said Nelson.

It was Queen Vic. I don’t really know why Nelson would have had chloroform but I’m sure there’s reasoning somewhere.

All in all he got the lowest with 1/6. He only had one thing to say after it all ended ‘Miss Dunnett is horrible, why would I know that’. A valiant effort, but maybe give your sixth form a call.

Miss Dunnett on the other hand came individually joint first. She got a decent 2/6 (I really expected better from someone but we have what we have). Here is my favourite answer from her-

Q: The definition of sustainability is…

A: assuring that something is able to last, we can use it beyond its original lifespan.

While this isn’t correct in a geographical sense, me and Shavers agreed it was worth a point.

Q: What is a conurbanisation?

A: something to do with towns and cities, buildings that make up a town?

It isn’t technically right but its close enough and to be honest, I think it’s all I’m going to get. I did double check with Shavers and he said she could have a mark for that so.

Well done Miss, joint first is yours.

Ok halftime mark. How are we all doing? To be very honest by this point I was shocked. Props to our year 11s because all of these questions are things they need to know for future exams. Because of time, length and mystery, I will be publishing round 3 and 4 next week. Be ready for bribery, silliness and our department winner. For next time…

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