What I Think The Royals Have For Breakfast – Tilly Jordan

The Prince of Wales, Charles:

This royal for sure loves a cup of Earl Grey and a slice of homemade bread to dunk into his boiled eggs, which must be served at the right runniness. Not only does he have eggs, but Charles also prefers to get up at dawn to pick the juiciest and most mouth-watering Pink lady apples from the royal orchard. Then he takes a wander up to the kitchen and asks the staff to make cloudy apple juice fit for the future king.

Camilla of Cornwall:

Camilla is old-fashioned and goes for a vegetable frittata for her first meal of the day. It is served with two shots of espresso and a warming lemon and ginger herbal tea to top it off. While she eats her frittata, she dreams of her next title, queen consort. Charles normally beckons her to drink the exquisite cloudy apple juice of the Royal orchards. When she eats her royal breakfast, she overlooks the grounds of Clarence House to find the paparazzi trying to find out more about Charles’ affair with her.

Queen Elizabeth:

Elizabeth II likes to have one slice of marmite on toast for a starter – provided that there is precisely a 1:2 ratio of butter to marmite. The meal then proceeds to fried kippers and brown butter eggs. After this meal, if the servers stop gagging at the stench of kippers, a selection of exotic fruits are presented to the queen including her favourite; strawberries. However, Liz refuses to eat any fruit that are not locally produced or out of season.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate:

Once every blue moon, William and Kate love to venture into the student area of Cambridge to re-live their uni lives and go for a bottomless brunch. Kate downs three mimosas every half hour whilst Will takes control of the reins and has two pina coladas per hour. However, the couple do not want to be caught in the action, so they rent out the entire pub for the whole morning, even the kids think that they are going to a governors meeting.

Meghan and Harry:

Even though they are not Royals anymore, Meghan and Harry still deserve to be on this list. Each morning, Meghan picks out the most succulent avocado and prepares it for avocado on toast. As he must comply with his wife’s wishes, Harry dreams of a full English breakfast but wakes up to find carrot quinoa breakfast cookies waiting for him on the kitchen table. However, every now and again, Harry sneaks a piece of bacon and cleans up after the crime, so Meghan does not find out.

Princess Anne:

As Anne already gets up early to tend to her current horse Sir John, she likes to make her breakfast short and snappy, just like her temper. She is always down for overnight oats with dried figs and prunes. If she feels less grumpy than usual, she has toast with orange marmalade imported from Seville, Spain.

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