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A Pair Of Queens – Ella Finch

She strides through London’s streets Adorned with gold and kohl; Winged eyeliner as sharp as her

Ready (or Not) Player One – Gray Holland

I saw Ready Player One over the holiday; I had not read the book, and still

Cramming For Exams – Gray Holland

As quite possibly the worst qualified person to talk about cramming for exams, I did have

Jubilee Poetry Competition 2018 Winners

The theme of this year’s poetry competition was ‘Arrival’, here are the winning poems; Senior Category:

Time For Change – Lydia Torrington

So far in 2018, it may shock you to know there have been 33 mass shootings

Life Advice From Older People – Mr Coleman’s Tutor Group

My Dad tells me that some good advice for life is that if there is a

A Night At The Oscars – Gray Holland

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss all the fuss that the Academy Awards ceremony annually

Netflix Recommendations – Gray Holland

With the stress of mock exams behind us for the most part now (ignoring the terror

‘Arrival’ – Ella Finch

When I first saw the theme for this year’s poetry competition, I’ll admit, I was stumped;

Ten Tips for Fanciful Fiction – Ella Finch

As someone who enjoys creative writing, I spend a lot of time considering how to improve