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My Dad tells me that some good advice for life is that if there is a stupid rule (an actual stupid rule) it’s worth breaking it as stupid rules can hold you back and restrict you from living your life to your full potential. This reminds of a very popular quote, “rules were made to be broken.” This quote may only apply to the most extreme of you but in my eyes it’s good.

My Nana had some great advice for me about spending. She always said, “we are not rich enough to buy cheap things.” This made little sense to me at the time, but I always think of her now when I buy stuff. I bought a really expensive coat during half-term, but it’s so warm, that even on a freezing day like today, I was snug. It’s also got a 10-year guarantee, so I’ll still have it well into my 20s, provided that I don’t grow too much. So, if I bought five cheap coats in that time, they’d be more expensive than my luxurious new one.

My dad said that wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something. I later realised that this means… well, it’s self-explanatory in a more literal sense. However, this also has a deeper meaning – to keep growing your knowledge so you can have something to share and pass on to help others grow their knowledge and understanding of life.

Once my mum said don’t follow the crowd, which I thought was I weird because I didn’t want to stick out. But as I have grown up, I realised that it is good to make your own path, as it makes you who you are, and shows people how you think and your own opinions. If you think about all the great people, they have got that way by not following the crowd.

My mum said, “if your friend told you to jump of a cliff would you do it?” This made very little sense to me at the time but now I get what it means because it means if someone told you to do something you don’t have to do it. And this is relevant in your life because you must do what you want, not what people tell you to do.

My dad told me never to go to the toilet in a public place, and never announce it in front of your friends. I think it is just one way to be classy.

My grandad told me that what other people think of me is not my business. This was hard to learn. It still is hard and I forget it a lot, but when I remember it it helps me to not worry so much. I must only worry about living with myself and the things I have done.

My uncle always says “when you’re in trouble, make sure you have a good pair of wellies.” I think he means that you should always be prepared. Like, if you go for a walk somewhere muddy you need wellies, but not always so literal, there is also another meaning that’s not literal; be ready.

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