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Weekly Entertainment Roundup – Oliver Jennings

Game Of The Week Elden Ring   Rated: 18+   One of the most anticipated games of the

From Chemtrails to the BBC; 3 ways the government is controlling your mind* – Noah A

Two turbulent years of lockdowns, suffering and the rise of apps such as “Zoom” and “Teams”

McDonald’s; I’m Hating It – Noah A

McDonalds’ is often the holy grail of food choices; the obvious choice after a sports fixture,

RHS 1XI; Unchained – Noah A

After a rough start to the season, it’s fair to say that the Boys hockey team

STEM, Battle Royale; The Finale – Noah A

This is it, the Finale. Will the omnipotent Chemistry Department reign victorious, or do the biologists

STEM Battle Royale – Noah A

I, like I know many of you have, often spend time thinking about who would win

Boris: Scum? I Don’t Think So – Noah A

Recently, the Labour Party’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, publicly attacked the prime minister labelling him as

Bugs For Breakfast? – George Durrant

With the definite threat of climate change, it is now our responsibility to prevent it as

No, It’s Not Covid – Noah A

The return to school; dreaded by many, savoured by some. The excitement of new classes, peers,