Why Is The Water Being Rationed??? – Noah A

I’m not normally a glass half empty guy, but this year I am; last year, and most of my school career, I have enjoyed meals in the DH with a sufficient amount of juice/water filling my cup. However for some reason, this year, the school seem to have been placed into some sort of prison camp with the facilities to only provide half a cup of fluid to water down my daily bread. Why? Who did this? It was fine before and now I have to stand awkwardly at the water stations for double the time as I frantically tap the water machine again to fill my glass to an appropriate level. I hate it. Please fix this ridiculous mistake and free us from the shackles of dehydration. Also sometimes the water in the Nelson taps comes out the colour of… well’ let’s just leave it there. You’ve seen it.

The End

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