ChatGPT: A Blessing or a Curse – Noah A

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that can create stories or essays at your command, has swept the world off of its feet. Students globally praising its ability to do their homework for them. Teachers cowering in fear as the essays this AI can create are of such a high quality it can pass as the work of a somewhat intelligent human.

Created to help AI become more realistic and user friendly, chatGPT has become an incredibly scary innovation in its ability to write in a way so akin to a human. The more information you feed it, the more in depth and detailed its work becomes, so rather than bother writing an article myself, this week I have relinquished control of this post to a robot. I thought that the most interesting thing for Essay Robot to write about would be a friend’s recent car crash, who for convenience’s sake we’ll refer to as ‘Ollie’, and to see how accurate the story would be; the results are almost identical to said crash so lets hope his insurance company doesn’t read The Bubble

Ollie was an 18-year-old with a need for speed. He had always loved cars, and spent all his free time tinkering with his own vehicle, a sleek red sports car. He had spent months customizing it, adding spoilers and exhaust systems, and even a nitrous oxide system for an extra boost of power.

One day, we went to take it for a spin on the winding country roads around his hometown of H*******.

One sunny afternoon, Ollie finally got his chance. He revved the engine and peeled out of his driveway, eager to test the limits of his beloved car. He flew down the roads, taking tight turns and pushing the car to its maximum speed. He felt invincible, like nothing could stop him.

But as he approached a sharp bend in the road, he didn’t see the oncoming car. He swerved to avoid it, but it was too late. The sound of metal crunching and glass shattering filled the air as Ollie’s car collided with the other vehicle. The impact sent him flying through the windshield, and he landed hard on the pavement.

The Impact was so hard I actually morphed Ollie’s VW UP into what looks like some sort of Sedan

When Ollie came to, he was lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg and a concussion. He couldn’t remember much of the accident, but he knew that it was all his fault. He had been reckless and irresponsible, and his actions had nearly killed him.

Fortunately all parties survived

As he lay there, Ollie realized that his love for cars had blinded him to the dangers of the road. He vowed to never let that happen again, and to always be aware of the consequences of his actions. It was a hard lesson to learn, but one that would stay with him forever.

Despite some American spellings, and a slight exaggeration of the events of this day, it is fascinating how some code on a computer can create such an intricate piece, and the thought of where this technology could lead is almost frightening.

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