Meet 1st XI Hockey – Daisy C

After a slightly rough start, a really strong team is coming together. The girls hockey squad have played a total of 10 matches so far (5 in a tournament), winning 5 and drawing 2 – Ready to win another tonight…

Special mentions for the beginning of the season go to Sophie for her collectedness in front of goal, scoring the most so far this season, to Mim for being a fantastic, reliable goalie, to Bella for stepping up and shocking us with her skill on the left wing and Martha for similarly wowing us on the right.

There are also many players who have stepped up during this team, many of whom will continue to represent the school in the firsts. Thank you to Immy, Mia, Mathilda, Izzy, Scarlet, Emma and Georgia for all making massive contributions so far!

So here are the First Team Squad Top Trumps…

  • Name: Mim
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Strengths: Gets out of fitness
  • Weakness: Forgets kit
  • Would rather be: Anywhere but musical rehearsals
  • Name: Daisy
  • Position: Centre-Defence
  • Known for: Getting low
  • Strength: Aggression
  • Would rather be: The coach
  • Name: Molly
  • Position: Left Half-back
  • Known for: Clearing the ball out the D
  • Strengths: GCSE’s
  • Weakness: Being punctual
  • Name: Jess
  • Position: Right Half-back
  • Known for: Laughing fits
  • Strength: Slaps
  • Weakness: Reverse
  • Name: Helena
  • Position: Centre-defence
  • Known for: Strength
  • Weakness: Too kind
  • Would rather be: Playing Netball
  • Name: Estelle
  • Position: Half back
  • Strength: Figure
  • Weaskness: Passing to the other team
  • Would rather be: In bed
  • Name: Millie
  • Position: Screen
  • Known for: Transferring Balls
  • Weakness: Height
  • Would rather be: Sailing
  • Name: Rosie
  • Position: Screen
  • Known for: Most reliable player
  • Strength: Endurance
  • Weakness: Plays Netball
  • Name: Sophie
  • Position: Centre-mid
  • Known for: Scoring the 1st goal of the season
  • Strengths: Anger
  • Weakness: None
  • Name: Martha
  • Position: Right-mid
  • Known for: Right-wing carries
  • Strength: A Hunter
  • Weakness: Disagreeing with the umpire
  • Name: Izzy
  • Position: Left-mid
  • Strengths: Legging it up the pitch
  • Weakness: Weakness is strength
  • Would rather be: Playing Lacrosse
  • Name: Bella
  • Position: Left-wing
  • Known for: Left-wing carries
  • Strength: Blonde
  • Weakness: Ball-hogger
  • Name: Zara
  • Position: Left-wing
  • Known for: Reverse hits
  • Strength: Brain
  • Weakness: Accuracy
  • Name: Jojo
  • Position: Centre-forward
  • Known for: Goal hanging
  • Srength: Unmatched energy
  • Weakness: Toes
  • Name: Cydney
  • Position: Right-wing
  • Known for: Being high maintanence
  • Strength: Brightest shoes
  • Weakness: Too nice to the opposition

To see more content from these excellent players, go and follow the RHS Hockey 1sts Instagram xxx

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