Your university, your stereotype – Isabel T

PSA: This article is not to discriminate against your choice of further education or to offend you if you do indeed fall under these stereotypes – this is purely national speculation and rumours – feel feel to disagree. (But please be honest / reflective with yourself). Anyway, let the stereotypes prove themselves.

Oxford / Cambridge

I have chosen to generalise these two universities together as they consist of the same academics that revel to embarrass you in terms of your lack of knowledge in some form of unimportant historical events. Both students’ rivalry is stemmed of rowing and not much else. Can we please admit that your ‘fearsome rivalry’ is nothing more than who can show off the most niche political / historical fact that you probably found out while doing a years’ worth of background reading. However, this degree will be used as a confirmation of your elevated academia and also used to ‘inspire’ others to follow in those footsteps. If you sadly did not make through the hundreds of interviews, tests, examinations and probably a human sacrifice that is required for entry for Oxbridge, you probably go to Durham.


Exeter, or most commonly known as Exetaarr, has a key stereotype that has been added into common knowledge: overcrowded by private school students. While fitting almost perfectly within this stereotype, I must admit that most students here have most definitely been skiing since the age of 6, had a second home in France / Cornwall and of course play polo in their spare time. After attending their open day recently, it is actually impossible to ignore the linen trousers (bonus points if Toms’ Trunks), Waitrose shopping bags, Schoffels, tote bags, boat shoes, chinos and signet rings that construct the uniform of the campus. However, props are to be given to them after trekking up Cardio Hill before every lecture, which I can confirm is not for the weak.


After being rejected from Oxbridge, Durham is the primary safety net for said academics who now have a passionate dislike for Oxbridge. With the majority of the students from the deep suburbs of Surrey, despite disliking the North (for the weather apparently) Durham is a hive for students exclusively from the South after taking their gap year to East Asia. One well known fact about Durham is the lack of nightlife; the town is too small to accommodate any of the students’ expectations of a ‘real uni experience’. I hope this means you study on your geography and economics degree more, while also secretly wishing you were in an Oxford college instead!

Oxford Brookes

After having to confirm that your uni is in fact not Oxford, but Brookes for the hundredth time (while wearing Oxford merchandise), we can almost place you in the same category as Exetaarr. Students here do their weekly shop in M&S, spend their last weekly allowance from their trust fund on a new North Face Puffer and one student I know quite literally flies back to Portugal every weekend. Despite the well known business school that practically 90% of their students get their diploma from, you can often find them trying to sneak into Oxford socials and formals claiming that their unis are “the same thing”. After coining the term ‘Brookes not books’ it is a well known fact that consistently attending lectures and seminars is a difficult feat at this increasingly popular uni.

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