Rating Amsterdam Scran – Emi S

The Psychology and RS trip to Amsterdam (was educational, promise) happened over half-term. But I know what you’re all really thinking: what was the scran like?

Mushroom? Celeriac? Leek?

First off, ferry food. Not sure what was in the soup, but I was hungry enough not to mind the saltiness too much. It was alright, but the bread was reportedly ‘leng’. 5/10.

Isabel clearly didn’t like it very much

Next up was burger and chips – definitely not a fan of this one. The burger itself tasted “organic” and the chips were dense and oily, despite the fact that the cruise staff were increasingly encouraging Bea to ‘try it’. We collectively agreed that the newly-upgraded school chips were much better and hoped there would be better food once we had arrived in the Netherlands. 3/10.

Isabel modelling the mango dragonfruit refresher

Upon arrival in Rotterdam, we were given 45 minutes for lunch and so opted for a Starbucks lunch after not finding much in the market. Ended up with some sandwiches that were surprisingly good. 6/10.

Unironically the best picture I got of the pizza

That evening, we had pizza on a canal boat. I got a margherita and was consequently called boring, whereas Freya got a veggie pizza and was consequently called boring because she’s not a vegetarian. Hannah and I reckoned that the experience could have been improved with some fairy lights, or even any lighting really. However, we did end up with Ben & Jerry’s. 7/10.

Bagel cafés >>>>

There’s not much to say about this one. The bagels were heavenly and we managed to get some cake before it ran out. Plus they had really nice plates. 9/10.

NB. I’m not that much of a picky eater – I just ordered the wrong bagel, hence, plain cream cheese.

Trust me, there’s a waffle in there somewhere

Couldn’t leave Amsterdam without trying some waffles. Bea’s verdict: ‘weird biscuit that I wasn’t a fan of but the rest of it was nice’. However, the price was a bit of a scam. 7/10.

Why does the mash look like that

Finally, went to the Hard Rock Café, where I got salmon and Isabel got bbq chicken – both were pretty great. Salmon even came with a complementary piece of wood, which wasn’t as tasty. Solid 8/10.

The cake Isabel and I “finished”

After trying (and failing) to con the restaurant staff into giving us a free cake after telling them it was my birthday, we got a small sliver of chocolate cake instead. Can’t lie, wasn’t great. Even Mr Havers, after grimacing his way through the course, later admitted he wasn’t a fan. 4/10.

Conclusion: Amsterdam is not the prime place for a scran, though it may be the prime place for other activities.

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