Meet Suffolk’s Hottest Hockey Team – Daisy C

Fancy a juicy incite to your Girl’s 1stXl hockey team? You’ve come to the right place

After a mixed but mostly successful season so far, we are currently on a positive overall goal difference of 20, with only three major injuries, two people requesting to leave the squad, and no team spirit issues whatsoever…. anyways… When the attitudes are left off of the pitch, there has been some incredible hockey with increasingly strong short corners, nice transfers and super saves from Lily. Narrowly missing out on the nationals (which definitely highlighted my anger issues), we have come a long way since the start of the season and can be very proud of our achievements. But now for the interesting part:

Presenting this year’s first team top trumps…

Lily I (the sweetheart)

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Known for: sneaky saves
  • Strength: flexible
  • Weakness: thinks Mexico is in Spain

Molly N (the quiet one)

  • Position: right defence
  • Known for: oversized kit
  • Strength: mummy’s money
  • Weakness: the middle child

Izzy B (the other Izzy)

  • Position: left defence
  • Known for: being injured
  • Strength: speaking in latin
  • Weakness: CCF trips

Rosie C (the peaceful one)

  • Position: centre mid
  • Known for: teleporting round the pitch
  • Strength: making it look easy
  • Weakness: already going grey

Evie T (the princess)

  • Position: centre mid
  • Known for: her attitude on the pitch (and off it)
  • Strength: thunder calves
  • Weakness: inability to apply concealer

Maisy H (the shy superstar)

  • Position: inside forward
  • Known for: her unexpected pitch-rage
  • Strength: beige food
  • Weakness: the year below

Sophie D (the love of Miss Cordukes’ life)

  • Position: inside forward
  • Known for: effortless skill
  • Strength: Miss C’s heart
  • Weakness: the sun

Zara S (the wannabe Millie P)

  • Position: forward
  • Known for: slapping the ball into nowhere
  • Strength: genius
  • Weakness: Solid 4s

Izzy P (the twin who scores the goal)

  • Position: left forward
  • Known for: left slip short corners
  • Strength: fashionably late for everything
  • Weakness: always gets the ick

Millie P (the twin who sets up the goal)

  • Position: right forward
  • Known for: speedy carries up the wing
  • Strength: can do full hair/makeup in 40 mins
  • Weakness: red heads

Lydia M (the captain)

  • Position: centre forward
  • Known for: hooking ankles
  • Strength: homie hopper
  • Weakness: ‘accurate’ reverse hits

Millie D (the sailor)

  • Position: right defence
  • Known for: never turning up
  • Strength: low maintenance
  • Weakness: sailors

Jojo N (the smiley one)

  • Position: side-line
  • Known for: staying out of the way
  • Strength: great hair
  • Weakness: Barney

Sophie S (the ‘away with the fairies’ one)

  • Position: Left back in the changing rooms
  • Known for: ‘clear’ advice from the bench
  • Strength: her ability to get on the pitch
  • Weakness: lack of body heat

* Miss C wanted an appearance

  • Position: replacement coach
  • Known for: playing hockey in my school shoes
  • Strength: too nice
  • Weakness: Sophie D

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* p.s. these were written by the players themselves

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