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Me and My Girl is this years school play, and with a musical twist on our normal songless performances. This year the actors of RHS will not only be stomping around the stage trying to remember lines, but the songs and dance moves that go with them!

Me and My Girl' Theater Review – The Hollywood Reporter

Me and My Girl tells the story of a young Cockney East-Ender from Lambeth, who finds out he is the heir to the enormous English Lordship of Hareford. However, his posh, aristocratical relatives are none too happy at his East-Ender ways, especially when he brings along his Cockney girlfriend Sally, the love of his life. While his relatives plot to remove her, he fights to keep her no matter the costs. A jubilant tale of friendship, laughter and the power of love, it will be a truly glorious play.

Me and My Girl | Chichester Festival Theatre

This year, the biggest budget yet has been pumped into our school production, with a whole new set, enormous tiered seating and a wonderful 20 piece orchestra to serenade our songs. An absolutely wonderful cast of actors have been selected for this years performance, and I shall be breaking them down here.

Seamus M- Playing William ‘Bill’ Hareford

William Hareford is the lovable, cockney accent wielding lead from rough East-End Lambeth. Seamus hails from somewhere slightly different, but brings with him a multitude of acting prowess. After a very impressive performance in last years ‘Great Gatsby’, he takes the stage for potentially the last time to shock RHS with his talent once more (and apparently he can sing like, really well I mean who knew???)

Daisy C- Playing Sally Smith

Sally is Bill’s bold, loyal girlfriend, who’s put in a very difficult position. As much as she love’s bill, does she truly have it in her to stop him from becoming a lord? Daisy is returning for another performance, and brings a diverse range of acting talents and a truly amazing voice that fit perfectly into her role, which includes many emotional songs.

Phoebe R- Playing Maria ‘The Duchess’

The Duchess or ‘Maria’ is the prestigious and no-nonsense regent of Hareford, and Bill’s aunt. She is determined to make Bill into a proper posh Hareford, and will do whatever it takes to achieve the goal. I always imagined her as a non magic Professor McGonagall, and Phoebe fills the role incredibly, making several of us shudder in fear during rehearsals.

This guy…- playing Sir John Tremaine

Sir John is a pompous yet kind hearted friend of the families. First seeking to remove Bill, he then realises the depth of the love between Bill and Sally and resolves to make sure they stay together. As for the guy playing him…I mean he’s tall but apart from that he’s a bit weird right? Bit annoying too. Never shuts up. And those awful looking rings I mean who voluntarily wears such pieces of!-

Daria C- Playing Jaqueline

Anyway…moving on we have Jacquie, the beautiful and intelligent daughter of the duchess, who seeks nothing more than a rich husband and a handsome lifestyle, and shows it by constantly pursuing Bill for his wealth. Filling both the beautiful and intelligent, Daria brings a tremendous amount of sass and laughter to the role, and mixes up the British tone of the play with her alluring accent.

Charles MC- Playing Gerald (Sorry for the picture mate)

Lastly and certainly most not least, we have Gerald, the dim witted yet kind and camp nephew of the Duchess. Madly in love with Jacquie and awed at Bill’s un-aristocratical ways, he is always a source of comedy for the audience. Charles is Gerald, straight up. Witty and quick, with a huge amount of acting talent behind him, I would highly recommend listening out for his song, ‘The sun has got his hat on’, amazing.

Of course, as much as I would like to personally address each and every member of the play, the article would be far to long. That does not mean however they are undervalued, for we have some truly amazing up and coming actors filling our choric roles, who we should very much expect to see leading the following years plays.

Some sneak peaks of our rehearsals

And for those who are still yet to buy tickets, performances are from the 1st of February (Wednesday) to the 4th (Saturday) and I would highly recommend coming to see us, if for no other reason that to watch us all prance across the stage like idiots with old timey music playing along. If you do wish to buy tickets, I shall leave a link below for you all!

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