Carole Baskin’s husband is ALIVE!

I am truly shocked to my core.

As many people did during lockdown, I became immersed in the world of lions, tigers and dead husbands. Oh my… but as it turns out, she’s not a killer. she didn’t feed her husband to tigers. she didn’t put him in a septic tank. Don Lewis is ALIVE! I cannot put into words how badly I thought this woman killed her husband. If it was down to 14 year old me, she would have been charged, locked up and had the key thrown away for the murder of Don. The evidence, the secrets, the inconsistency? I am so confused. He was declared dead in 2002, 5 years after going missing only to have been found. Can I just add how possibly embarrassing this is. His children and ex wife were certain she killed him along with the population of Earth.

To make this even crazier, he was found alive and well in 2021… Everyone remembers how big this story was in 2020, how did we collectively forget this happened? “How did I miss that Carole Baskin’s husband, that went missing and claimed to be fed to the tigers, was actually found alive in Costa Rica last year?” one person tweeted this week after discovering the shocking news. It was determined by Homeland Security that he has been living in Costa Rica since 1997, EXACTLY WHAT CAROLE SAID HAPPENED!

I would quickly like to issue an apology to Carole for sincerely believing she murdered her husband and chopped him up and put him in a sceptic tank – All of planet Earth.

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