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Are you team Wills or Haz? The Harry and Meghan drama is inescapable. It’s everywhere, the revelations are causing family drama, and even stirring up some debate in the staff room (from a close, reliable, mushroom lover teacher source).

Prince Harry has yet again dropped another PR bomb on the monarchy with the recent release of his book ‘Spare’ gaining the title from the traditional English phrase the heir and the spare. Following his $100 million Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan, Harry and Meghan have shared their experiences with members of their family in tell all interviews with the likes of CBS, ITV and Stephen Colbert. There really isn’t any holding back, he uses some phallic imagery (English term) to discuss a case of frostbite on areas to explict to comment on the bubble, he provides a Cinderellaesque view on his step mother and discusses some recreational drug use at a particular ‘Friends’ stars Hollywood home.

The new book ‘Spare’ which made him $20 million

Is Harry really a victim of the constitution…or is he just milking it at this point?

Here are a few controversial revelations Harry shed light to:

The fight… 

 In Harry’s words, William confronted Harry calling Meghan ‘rude’, ‘abrasive’ and difficult. He mentions how they’d previously had physical fights and that this feud and rivalry had started long before Meghan. In this particular incident Harry was grabbed at the neck by William where his necklace was ripped off. Now I’m not condoning violence in any shape or form but hasn’t everyone had a physical fight with their sibling? In this instance though, I would say that once you reach a certain age, you grow out of this, however this doesn’t seem to be the case between these two. But without Williams point of view and not being there who’s to know whats true or false.

Leaving for a private life…

When they first left the family in 2020 they said we want to raise out kids in private, out of the grasp of the British media. But they decided to move to California, the centre of all paparazzi activity?…

Now Harry has previously said that he’s doing all of these interviews etc in order to gain money for a security team but if you want to keep yourself out of danger from the public don’t go on shows like Oprah which will only give you more publicity. Personally, I think that this was a bit hypocritical.

Harry and Meghans luxury Californian mansion

The beard dilemma…

The beard acts as shield to his anxiety and how he would feel very different without his facial hair. He had to ask permission from the Queen in order to keep it for his wedding in which she had no objections to, however William in jealousy after being told to remove his strongly wanted a clean shaved Harry. But the beard did stick.

“Pupils in 2074 having to write an essay on the royal beard war… #PrinceHarry.” – Twitter (as a history student I would not be surprised by this question)

Harry happy with his beard

Kill Count…

Is it appropriate to reveal a kill count? This has proved to be one of the many controversies in his new book and many people are losing respect. Is it ok to be disclosing this to the public and maybe even boasting this? This is the direct quote out of the book  “And it seemed to me essential not to be afraid of that number. So my number is 25. It’s not a number that fills me with satisfaction, but nor does it embarrass me.” Even though this had faced a lot of backlash and has mostly been negatively interpreted, Harry insists he wanted to start an honest conversation within the veteran community so they don’t feel any shame. In my opinion, I think this is unessessary, you can talk about your time in the military all you want, but don’t mention the lives that you took.

Camillia ‘The Wicked Stepmother’…

Harry mentions how he begged his father not to marry Camillia comparing it to an injection, ‘Close your eyes and you won’t even feel it’. Now everyone would naturally be a little touchy when it comes to a parent remarrying, but after witnessing the unhappiness of his parents marriage, surely you would want to see your Dad happy. But, is there simply more to the story that this? Harry writes that in 2002 Camilla and her ‘spin doctor’ leaked Harry’s drug problem to the press this led to his enrollment in a drug rehab centre which was done in the efforts to gain more sympathy for their relationship. He also shares his concern surronding her strong connections with the British media calling her ‘dangerous’. However, he did retract what he said about her on his episode of 60 minutes on Good morning America when he says ‘She’s my step mother, I don’t look at her as an evil stepmother’.

Harry and his ‘Wicked stepmother’

It’s statements like these which makes it hard for people to gain an understanding of Harry as his arguments are by no means consistent. You simply can’t say one thing to one media source and go back on what you said to another with all of these interviews, in my eyes it seems as if he’s running out of things to capitalise on.

So, it’s up to you fellow readers. Are you team Harry or William?

(DISCLAIMER: all thoughts are my own)


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