Geo vs. History: The Ultimate Showdown pt. 2 – Eve H

Hello all, I have returned. I’m sure you have all been waiting anxiously for today to come, well I am here with good news… I have the results. This is all very exciting so I will not keep you waiting too long but I have one thing to say if you don’t like how my point system goes or when I give out points, please do send me a quick email so that I can promptly print it out and place it in the bin. Now onwards…

Round 3 – Nicholls VS Marvell

Ok I really expected this to go the other way considering Ms Nicholls has not done geography since 1986, while not only has Mrs Marvell previously taught history, her husband is currently a history teacher but before I congratulate Ms Nicholls I will say that during my interview with her I was BRIBED with a fudge chocolate! Luckily it did not compromise her results but thanks for the fudge I guess, congratulations Ms Nicholls on 2/6, what an achievement. Unfortunately, the cheater (attempted) didn’t want her answers published either so we will move onto Mrs Marvell.

Q: Thomas Cromwell famously came from a humble background. Name one of his father’s occupations.

A: farmer and salesman

Now I’m not an avid historian, but I’m pretty certain there weren’t people knocking on doors to sell you a microwave in the 1400s. the correct answers were Brewer and blacksmith.

Winner – History

All in all a decent 2/7.

Round 4 – McConnell vs Barraclough

Mr Barraclough is our joint 1st place with a 2/5. Mrs McConnell got a reasonable score of 2/8. My one issue with this round is that Mr Barraclough did take A-level geography and probably should have got a higher score but hey, he did good. Mrs McConnell also didn’t want her answers released so onto Mr Barraclough!

Q: In fieldwork, what instrument is used to measure the gradient of a slope?

A: a weighted rope

Not scientific at all (also I think not correct anyway) so no point there Sir, correct answer would be clinometer.

Winner – History

Now for the long anticipated moment… if you are a maths genius I’m sure you cracked it already but here it is…

History are our winners today so stop the debate, call the prime minister (I don’t know which one there are too many) and shut it down.

Join us next time for the clash of the Titans: RS vs. Classics.

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