Who let the dogs out? Part 2 – Miss TP

No daring escapades from Otto in Hood this week. Although he did eat a lovely candle I got for my birthday….

If you’ve had a ruff day and are in need of some canine cuteness, keep scrolling for this week’s pet hound up.

Name: Twiglet

Age: 2 years old

Breed:Working Cocker Spaniel (of sorts)

Enjoys chasing squirrels & escaping to the health centre to eat lemon cake.

Favourite human: Mr Lockyer (despite Mrs Lockyer investing all the training time in her!)

Name: Hector

Age: 9yrs old,

Breed: Whippet X
Largely badly behaved, has an unhealthy appetite for cheese and will stop at nothing to get to it.

Otherwise extremely lazy and enjoys nothing more than a sunbathe in the summer or a comfy sofa and a blanket (to which he has a preference) in the winter.
His best friend: Zeno

Breed: Miniature Dachshund is a miniature dasch called Zeno they have previously won the award for

Awards: ‘most handsome pet at RHS’ and ‘most mischievous adventures’. (But has he been to the café though?)

Name: Barley

Age: ask Izzy but I think he’s 6.5

Breed: Labrador

Facts: his best friend is Olive the cat. All the other dogs from the litter are show-winning-gundogs Barley clearly isn’t!! He will eat ANYTHING – including cat poo!

Name: Alfie

Age: 1.5 years old

Famous relatives: Alfie is Mr Griffith’s dog’s grandson and nephew of the Kerr’s.

Default position: On his back to have his belly rubbed

Favourite dog sitter: Mr Cohem

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