Staying Positive during COVID- Rosy Fitch

It is safe to say that these times are not the happiest, whether you have had to cancel your 18th birthday party or just the thought of having to go into lockdown again makes you want to curl up into a ball. One of the most important things to remember is that we will get through this and staying positive will help not only your own wellbeing, but also the peoples around as well. 

During this pandemic, anxiety is very common as no one knows how to deal with COVID and it is worrying to think that we could be stuck like this for years. However, we are all in the same situation, we all have no idea what will happen. As I said before, we just need to think on the brightside so for those who are struggling, here are a few ways to stay positive. 

Focus on what you can control as realistically, we have no control over when society will go back to normal. The fear of this can make us feel powerless but by shifting your attention to the aspects of life that you can control, you will help restore your confidence and positivity. The things we can control are whether we do our prep, what we eat/drink, who we see or even just what we wear each day. No matter how small, by simply just making that decision, you are improving your own situation. When you can see your own improvement, you will be able to see the bigger situation improving as well. 

Limit your time on social media as there is nothing worse than looking at news that makes you depressed. Where it is important to keep up to date with the virus, there is point where you cannot get away from all the dreadful news that is associated with this circumstance. Also, it does not help to see other people on social media, who seem to be happier than ever. Social media feels as if it designed to make us feel worse about ourselves so by limiting the time spent on apps like Instagram, you are doing yourself a favour. 

Think about those who are working on getting society back to normal. There are a lot of people (teachers included) who are working their hardest to keep everything as normal as possible. Instead of thinking about all the negatives, try to read stories that will improve your mood, for example, Captain Tom Moore and all the money he raised. As well as respecting and thinking about all those essential workers who have worked tirelessly for six months straight, trying to keep everyone well.  

Set up personal goals and schedules, no matter how small they are. Sticking to a routine and using your time productively creates the sense of achievement. Even by just going to school and doing all your homework, you are progressing in life and getting closer to your end goal. Remember to always leave space for a break, you don’t want to work yourself too hard!

Stay connected with your friends and family as you never know how it could improve your view on lockdown. Loneliness can seriously impact your mental health as it increases anxiety so to combat this, try facetiming, skyping, calling or even just texting those who you care about because they will be happy to simply just catch up. In addition, as we are allowed to meet up with 5 other people, take this chance to see those who are struggling with the lack of physical contact. When you are with your friends, it will take your mind off the situation and allow you to feel as if life is normal (as it can be). 

Focus on staying calm because it is even important to control stress. Stress impacts not only your mental health but also your physical health. By busying yourself with meditation, mindfulness and exercise, you don’t allow any chance for stress to take over your life. Remember, by staying active, getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet, you are more likely to have a better view on life. 

Do stuff that you enjoy because in the end, you are more likely to be positive when you are doing stuff that makes you happy. No matter what your passion is, by keeping your mind busy, you will not have time to think about the things that usually get you down. 

I hope it gets across that by controlling the small things in your own life, staying in contact with others and keeping yourself busy, you will improve your view on life. If you are positive, you will also help make others feel positive. 

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