Post prep scran ratings – Izzy S

Here is the start of my food critic career:

Minions Candy Sticks : a classic anything with a minion on has instantly made this a 10/10
Wotsits: personally not for me, it’s the texture and the aftertaste therefore a 1/10
Dark Chocolate: IMO dark chocolate is lush, hits the spot every single time 8/10, fuel protein shake 4/10 tastes too powdery at times
Soft white bread and cheese: Personally, cold cheese and untoasted bread isnt my thing, however putting the two together to make a cheese toastie is a total game changer 7/10
A nice comforting cup of tea; you can’t go wrong! 10/10
Some proper cheffing up in the kitchen tonight (excuse the messy conditions) normal spaghetti and gluten free spaghetti 🤢 with some dolmio pasta sauce and cheese, what a comfort meal 9/10
Fairfields farm lighty salted crisps, my own personal choice as they are simply lovelyyyyy 😍 10000/10

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