Week 1 down, 4 more to go – Mirren R


I’m sure all the year 11s can join me by saying this sucks. We could be at Thorpe park like our previous yr 12s, we could be, for the majority, enjoying last month here navigating success, but no. We’re navigating the grade boundaries; and it’s not looking good. 

Starting off we have biology, Edexel, we couldn’t thank you enough- genetic engineering, lyctic pathways and enzymes yes please, Devine. 

Ashamed for those schools with AQA- you’d think they would answer “what was the first antibiotic ?” with penicillin… most of twitter admitted to saying “calpol”. 

Solid 7.5/10  

Pin on Sop! I coulda dropped my croissant!

Up next we have English, writing about “Kino” the incapable parent and “Juana” who “sucked, spat then sucked again” – okay, maybe I should add context, she was sucking poison out of her baby, just thought I should clarify. 

English creative writing, this is where I lost hope. Sorry Mr Gould ! 

“Write about a life saving rescue or a story prompted by this image” 

The only life saving rescue I can think of is a feature on “Interior designer”. 

AQA, there seems to be a pattern.  

Do better. 

6.5 at best. 

Maths, what was this? what actually was this?  I don’t think I can demonstrate this without a visual representation of the pain we endured. 

And to those who claim “ I solved this easily” -no one cares, if you can solve this you probably laugh at physics memes, grow up and get friends. -10/10 

Obviously, I want to say a huge thank you to the people bringing the grade boundaries down, taking one for the team, the real ones. I don’t think I’ve appreciated disruptive people more-they really pulled through.  

And to my fellow yr 11s, Good luck. 

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