RHS Diversity Day Report – Savannah C

On Saturday 12th June RHS collapsed it’s lessons in order to run diversity day. The day consisted of year 12 and 13 prefects running through a presentation and having discussions and debates with their allocated class about diversity and inclusion at RHS.

We looked at things like the tweets from Ollie Robinson that caused his suspension, what we can improve on at RHS in terms of equality, ran through some hypothetical scenarios and what we would do in those situations, talked about what RHS already do for support (such as whisper, peer mentoring and wellbeing committee, matrons etc) and we also collaboratively worked on statements to go into the pupil’s charter.

The day was greatly successful and seemed to be enjoyed by most, we had lots of really positive feedback and many pupils would like to have more diversity days to be able to talk about these issues and debates.

The question is, what was the point of diversity day? Well, the point was the school have an even wider and more in depth amount of feedback than what it had from the surveys and focus groups for a start. It also gives the school an idea of what we as students would like to see from now on based on a large range of opinions. The day also gave every student a chance to use their voice to get across their opinion on different topics surrounding diversity.

We really hope you enjoyed Diversity Day and felt it was beneficial. As a committee we would love to hear more feedback so don’t be shy to tell us because we would really appreciate knowing what went well and what could be better. If you have any queries, suggestions or comments to make (it doesn’t just have to be about diversity day!) then please email the committee on: diversity@royalhospitalschool.org and one us will respond as soon as we can.

Left to Right back row: Dom A, Lucy D, Sophie B, Archie F, Rachael I, Emily D Left to Right bottom row: Savannah C, Poppy A, Gen A-B, Amirah K, Lucy G (and Jacinta N + Bruce Q who were unable to be in the photo).

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