The Threat of Climate Change- Tasha Hazelwood (Eco Committee)

We are facing our greatest threat in over a thousand years…

climate change.

For a long time, scientists were predicting this would happen in the future. For the first time, people can see the impact. It is no longer subtle there is still time but not much. This is happening everywhere not just to us in the United Kingdom. This is the time to change our future. We need to unite as a nation to help solve this problem. Our generation has a chance to make this right, what others have failed or ignored. If no action is taken in a decade, there could be irreversible change. The shameful fact is climate change cannot be explained by natural factors, but only by human activity- mainly by fossil fuels like in the industrial world.

Climate change happens naturally, but we are intensifying the weather events, making it more extreme. This will not only affect humans, but will also cause extinction unless some dramatic change is done. Creatures, specifically, able to survive hot weathers i.e. flying foxes, a breed of bad, could barely survive. More than 2,000 native flying foxes have perished due to heat stress in eastern Victoria, ast year, since extreme heatwave pushed temperatures into the mid-40s. Despite the intervention, 1,513 flying foxes had died in a section of the Mitchell River. About 30 animals had been taken into care by wildlife shelters and careers. The team trying to rescue these bats only found 300 survivors. Another two events like this and the species are gone. These animals are practically defenceless, so humans need to protect them, not make them extinct. We are causing extinction of species already and that is irreversible. We are driving them out of the planet. 

Here Are A Few Examples Of How To Produce Green Energy:

  • solar process space heating and cooling (industrial and commercial uses of the sun’s heat)
  • solar electricity (using the sun’s heat to produce electricity)
  • passive solar heating and daylighting (using solar energy to heat and light buildings)
  • photovoltaic systems (producing electricity directly from sunlight)
  • solar hot water (heating water with solar energy)
  • renewable energy resources (wind, biofuel, tidal, hydroelectric, geothermal)

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