The return to school from an A level perspective- Jessie Jordan

As you full well know by the ‘silence! Exams in process’ signs outside the assembly hall, this week the year 11s and 13s have had the joys of returning to school with a load of assessments that may- or may not- determine our grades for GCSEs and A levels.

Nobody really knows what’s going on with grading, so these assessments are not quite exams but not quite informal enough to lack importance. The truth is, there is no resolution as to what schools are meant to do. However, can I be so brave to say that these assessments had a subtler reintroduction to the busy RHS life? I might be unpopular in my opinion but hear me out, I might make a bit of sense (or you might think that online school has turned me into a batty psycho!).

Obviously, I hate exams. They’re stressful, hard, and boring. Not only this, but we had to wear masks the whole-time, which is not the most pleasant experience. The year 13s also had to endure listening to everyone’s music lessons whilst trying to concentrate on the papers in front of them. If you have had a drum lesson during the exam period, I would heavily recommend you keep this quiet from our year as we could hear absolutely everything.

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They say pictures speak a thousand words…

Apart from these fairly annoying aspects of the exam period, we were given study leave whilst doing these exams. For me, this meant a three-day weekend (full of revision…) so I quite enjoyed the liberty of doing my own revision as well as being able to relax as well. I was able to spend a lot of quality-time with my friends, and early lunch everyday speaks volumes for itself. With these aspects in mind, and five exams in ten days, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I will admit, I was lucky with the structure of my exam timetable, but I do feel I had a lot of time to socialise with everybody.

Now exams are over, I have been thrust back into the busy schedule that coexists with RHS pupils, and I must say I am more tired after one day of proper school than study leave with exams. It is great to be back, but my opinion might change once I get my results back. So, in the next few weeks you find me writing about the injustice of A levels, it’s probably because of that!

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