Wedding of the year EXCLUSIVE! – Holly Folkard-Smith

An exclusive interview with the new Izod-Miller uncovering the gossip and secrets of her summer wedding, and more!
How did he propose?

The evening before Speech Day 2017, the unofficial end of term. A dog walk along Harkstead beach, a pre-planted bottle of fizz and a sudden down on one knee moment…. immediately ruined by my response ‘Is this for real?’ and Hector chasing after a startled passer by.
More people knew about this proposal that I’d realised, on the way back home we called into many houses along the top lane to celebrate.
Eventually home my parents arrived, my Mum cried and Joe had booked a table at the Unruly Pig to celebrate.
It was a crazy whirlwind way to finish the school year, but perfect!

What were you thinking the morning of your wedding?

1) Someone hand me some champagne and a coffee!
I hardly slept the night before and the hairdresser arrived at 5.30am.
2) Will my best friend pop?
One of my bridesmaids was 9 months pregnant and we were both hoping for no dramas on the day!
3) This is already the best day ever.
Like Christmas day with extra sparkle, surrounded by the most fabulous of things and friends.

What did you have for your wedding cake?

Macarons; 205 to be exact in two flavours (Pistachio and Praline), balanced onto 10 tiers.
It looked stunning. We wanted something a little different, and after chewing over cheese for months we eventually went for Macarons.

Describe your the day in three days. 

Everything and more! (thats only 2 words…)

What did you choose for your first dance song and why?

Zero 7 Destiny. Joe and I have completely different music tastes and we didn’t agree on a first dance until a few weeks before. Again, we wanted it to be something different and unique. This song takes us both back to our uni days where we first met, but is a little strange as a first dance song. We played it to our band who liked it, changed it a little to fit to a live set and it worked!

What song got the most people on the dance floor?

Chase & Status Blind Faith got everyone on the dance floor and then our final song Hey Jude by the Beatles to finish.
At some point in Hey Jude, Joe and I were both lifted up above everyone else…. I still don’t know who was carrying me and if this was planned.

What are your favourite 4 photos.

I took this photo the evening before the venue. All our family and friends had spent the day bringing to life the preparation and planning that had taken a year.
It was such a fun day and the prickle of anticipation and nerves for the big day was starting to set in.
This photo – completely unstaged captured the final moments before my dad walked me down the aisle to marry Joe.
My dad has never been a man of many words but this photo makes up for it- a picture says a thousand words.
In the background our venue- the oldest free standing thatched tutor barn in the UK dwarfs our 150 strong guests
Joe and I surrounded by everyone we love – a wedding is pretty much the best party you’ll ever hold and this photo summarises that.
Walking out of the church the bells ringing and everyone cheering. The final words from my photographer before walking down the row of guests fists clenched full of dried petals were ‘keep looking up don’t look down’ this was not an easy feat with handfuls of flora is being thrown your way and an experience I am sure never to be recreated but totally surreal.


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